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Esperance Sand dunes

24 Jan 2011 at 4:06pm

Dan Paris took us to these dunes just out of Esperance a few weeks back. The track in was appalling narrow scratchy scrub that made my car look like it had been coined by the perth mint!! The drive was worth it though and the dunes were awesome. The lone figure in the shot was Antony Spencer the photo gun from the UK. Check out his work here

On another note Phase One has just announced their 80MP back with an ipod sized screen with a sort of live view capability. It is called the IQ180 and I want one!!

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True North Filling fast!

24 Jan 2011 at 10:08am

Hi all there are only 23 spots left now for the True North Workshop, might be an idea to book today!!

Paul from Fitzgerald Photo Labs has just upped his prize to a 14×50” Acrylic mounted print – valued a bit over $400.00

Now that would be worth winning. You have to be on the boat though to be eligible to enter.

See you on Wednesday.

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True North Leaving now from a new Location

21 Jan 2011 at 11:33am

Hi everyone

If you haven’t booked your place on True North for this years Australia Day gig now is the time to do it. Just a bit of housekeeping the boat is now leaving from –

6 Rous Head Road, North Fremantle (next to Rottnest ferry terminal.  Parking available)

Make sure you make a note of that. You can’t miss it anyway. Head to where the Rotto Ferry leaves from the North Mole and the biggest baddest boat on the block will be there!

See you on board!

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The Pilbara Project Teaser By Michael Fletcher

21 Jan 2011 at 11:05am

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/18996639]

This is a teaser video for the Pilbara Project. We are finally coming to the end of the journey, the exhibition is only weeks away. This is the first time Tony Hewitt, Les Walkling, Peter Eastway, Michael Fletcher and myself have exhibited together.

What started out as an idea over a meal has become two exhibitions, a blog, a book and an awareness of the Pilbara none of us ever had before.

You can join us on the opening of both exhibitions. All the details will be posted as they come to hand. It is going to be a huge event with all the photographs and the full 24 min cut of Michaels video. Hope  we will see you there.

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Bunker Bay Workshop

20 Jan 2011 at 8:22pm

Nick Rains and I completed another really successful two day workshop last weekend at Bunker Bay. We have another one this weekend that will be as good if not better. For the first time ever we have two celebrities on the workshop Muzz and Merv. Should be interesting having the boys sit together. M&M!!!

Last weekend went well with the 15 participants all getting their heads stuffed with information. When Nick talks about bit depth and colour management you can see the pennies dropping. We ended up on Sunday arvo with a group photoshop session. 17 people all working the same image. It worked really well as it was a complex image to edit.

We had lots of laughs and met some great people. Thanks everyone for making it special.

Here is some of what people had to say.

Christian and Nick,
Guy’s thank you both for a magnificent weekend of Learning! My head is still spinning from all the great tips and techniques not only in the class room but also out on location.
Not only did we all learn from the “Dynamic Duo” but also from all the other guys on the work shop who all have the same passion for photography.
Great work guys I would recommend this work shop to any one in a second.


Hiya Christian and Nick

I just wanted to drop you both a quick note to say thanks for the grouse Bunker Bay workshop last weekend.

You successfully provided a high and entertaining level of theoretical learning in the seminar room and practical learning out and about shooting in 3 sessions around  Cape Naturaliste. Having such landscape experts right alongside you giving “one on one” instructions and tips was invaluable. Adding to the value for we participants was the number of quirky camera and Photoshop techniques detailed which will enable us to significantly raise the quality of our end products, be they print, web or screen. The informal atmosphere throughout only added to the overall experience.

I can strongly recommend the workshops to any photographer – be they beginner, intermediate or expert – who wants to take their skills to the next level, or even two. Of course to get the best venue in Australia for shooting, they will need to come to the Bunker Bay ones……..


Rob McDonald

Hi Christian and Nick

I would like to thank you both very much for your fantastic workshop on the weekend. You guys must be knackered because I sure was!! I really appreciated your patience while I was fumbling a bit there, and felt bad about alerting you. Thanks so much for that. Those two days were just such an eye opener for me Christian, in all respects. Amazing really I thought knew something about photography, but I came away knowing a hell of a lot more that I did prior to doing the workshop.

I look forward to seeing you guys again sometime and I wish you well with this great work you do.
Best regards and thanks once again
Chris Burton

” Attending Christian Fletcher’s and Nick Rains’ seminars is an eye opening experience. Having direct access to two of Australia’s, and arguably the World’s leading landscape photographers is invaluable. I was amazed at how open and engaged both Christian and Nick were, with no subject being off limits. Everyone’s questions were answered and “secret” tips and techniques shared without hesitation. The seminar had the perfect mix between theory and hands on practise (both photography and post production). I will be singing their praises to anyone who will listen – this is a must do for any landscape photographer (and any photographer for that matter) that wants their images to have that magic touch.”


Tom Gregorczyk

here are some photos of the weekend courtesy of Nick and his little Leica compact.

If you want to get on one of our workshops and we have one in every state, go to www.nickrains.com

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True North Australia Day Workshop Details

14 Jan 2011 at 10:20am


The True North Australia day Rottnest Workshop (phew what a mouth full)  is all systems go. For those that need a little more detail here it is.


Date – 26th of January 2011

Leaving – 6 Rous Head Road, North Fremantle (next to Rottnest ferry terminal.  Parking available), at 9am (arrive at 8.30am, don’t be late) Returns 10.30pm to same location. Parking in the yard.

Cost is $295 per person which includes the cruise to Rottnest on True North, the workshops, lunch and morning and afternoon teas.

Four speakers – Tony Hewitt, Nick Rains, Michael Fletcher and Christian Fletcher.

Only 49 places left as of yesterday so booking essential in the next week. (Limited to 100)

To book your place email or call the True North office. 08 9192 1829  or cruise@northstarcruises.com.au


We will cruise to Rottnest whilst we get a run down from Tony on the days events. Then it will be lay back relax and feel the cool breeze in your face as True North makes it way across to the island.

We will then anchor off Longreach Bay and the workshops will commence. The group will be split into two. Half staying upstairs the rest going downstairs. The speakers will each talk twice so everyone gets to hear all 4.

After the first two talks we have lunch and a time to relax and soak up the information you have just been given. Don’t drink too much at this stage as you will be a bit sleepy for round two of the talks.

After the talks you will have a bit of time to unwind check out the sponsors tables with their latest equipment and workshop deals and then it will be a short tender ride to the island for a sunset shoot with Tony, Nick, Michael and Christian as your guides. Learn how the pro’s shoot a bonus to the already full days schedule.

Once back on board we will take time to have a drink and mingle with like minded people where the conversations will definitely be photography or who is more famous, Merv or Muzz. Once we pull anchor it will be a slow cruise back to Fremantle and time to say good bye till next time. If you love the True North Experience you will be able to get some information on upcoming cruises and the photographic holidays of a lifetime.


Last year we held a competition for the best photo taken on the day. This year it is going to be even better.

Thanks to Team Digital, F-Stop bags and Fitzgerald Photo Lab we have some awesome prizes for the lucky ones who manage to snap a bit of gold. This is only open to those who come to the workshop so your chances of winning are pretty good.

1st Prize – Epson Stylus Photo R1900 valued at $1000 or the equivalent amount of another Epson Printer Courtesy of Team Digital and Epson.

2nd Prize – F- Stop Bag ( the best Photographic Bag on the planet) Courtesy of F-Stop Australia

3rd Prize – 20″ x 30″ Fujiflex Print courtesy of Fitzgerald Photo Lab

The winners will be chosen by popular vote after the images have been narrowed down by the Photographers.


Your Camera, Tripod, sunscreen, money, towel, bathers (optional), laptop (be aware we can’t charge you all up so make sure your batteries are full), ipad, notebook, anything you can record information on to. I like Drambuie so if anyone wants to suck up to me that would do the job! Most importantly a sense of humour.


Clothes (optional), TNFP Shirts, hats, thongs (True North has a no shoes policy so bring something that can get wet and is easy to take off)


Extreme Awesomeness!!

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13 Jan 2011 at 10:27am

If you have sent me an email in the past few months and haven’t heard back from me, chances are you won’t. I have just deleted over 900 that I just can’t get to.

So I am starting again, it feels good. I know I have probably deleted something important but spending time with my family is the MOST important.

If you have an urgent pressing request send it to me again. I’ll look at it….. Hopefully!!!

Here is a pic of another altered landscape.

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Workshops with David Evans

13 Jan 2011 at 9:27am

If you are in SA and Victoria and want to learn from my mate David Evans check out his latest workshops here http://www.bothfeet.com.au/

You can see his work here http://www.davidevansphoto.com/

He is also running a workshop on Kangaroo island  check it out here. http://www.tomputtphotographicworkshops.com/products/Masterclass-Workshop-%252d-Kangaroo-Island%2C-SA.html

Pink Feather Boa will be on show at the Kangaroo Island gig.

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