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It is Official, Blogileaks is live

28 Feb 2011 at 9:17pm

Thats right, the site that will probably get me into lots of trouble is now active. If there is a wrong somewhere in the world it will be talked about here. If there is a new camera coming out, it will be talked about here. If someone wants to have a whinge it will be talked about, right here! So the address to go to is


Tell me if you find out something the world needs to know about, if it is a fact I will post it and we can all feel frustrated together. Oooo it is going to be fun.

My wife saw a great bumper sticker the other day, it said  “There are no jobs on a dead planet”

We need to make these polluting companies pay for destroying what sustains us, bring on a carbon tax and make it BIG like their profits! A few jobs lost in the mining industry will be made in sustainable industries. If we keep screwing the planet the costs in jobs is going to be out of this world. Why can’t we see that!

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Coal in the South West

28 Feb 2011 at 4:24pm

Right I’m about to get on my soapbox again. I went to the No Coal Rally in Margaret River on the weekend to offer support to saving our amazing region from smelly coal polluters. I don’t know anyone who wants a coal mine in Margaret River but there aren’t enough people taking this thing seriously. Here are some facts courtesy of the Conservation Council of WA

The Problem with Coal

Global warming and climate change is happening. As effects of our emissions lag decades behind the actual time we pumped the air with pollutants, we are already in worse danger than most people may realise.

According to climate scientists, the level of greenhouse gases has already passed the danger level of 350 parts per million. Unless fossil fuel emissions are drastically reduced, humanity faces a growing risk of dangerous global warming, as human sources are amplified by natural feedback loops.

There is a straightforward way to address the problem: phase out coal, which is the worst source of global warming pollution. The world’s leading climate scientist James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Space Institute, has said that ending emissions from coal “is80% of the solution to the global warming crisis.”

In 2010 the Barnett Liberal Government  approved a massive expansion in highly polluting coal power in WA which will contribute to a staggering 75% increase in WA carbon pollution.

Announcing this appalling decision, the WA Minister for the Environment said that the issue of climate change and carbon pollution had to be dealt with by the Federal Government.

The WA Barnett Government has shown they have no intention of responding to climate change or reducing carbon pollution. As a result, the WA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has advised that Western Australia’s carbon pollution will soar by nearly 75% in the next few years.

Western Australia already has the highest per-capita emissions in the world, with a total output of over 76 Million tonnes of pollution per year.

Now the Barnett Government want to build three new coal fired power stations and re-open two old ones from the 1960s with no effective controls on carbon pollution. If allowed to proceed, this massive coal expansion will lock us into a high pollution future with spiralling energy bills, and lock us out of the clean energy economy that could provide thousands of clean energy jobs. We cannot allow these new big polluters to go ahead.

The world’s top climate scientists have advised that carbon pollution from developed countries, including Australia, must be reduced by at least 40% by 2020. If this is not achieved, we will see devastating changes to the lifestyle that we know and love in WA.

So, how do you feel about?

  • A future without Ningaloo Reef
  • Our Southwest forests reduced to very small patches
  • 80% less water in the Southwest, on top of the 30% reduced rainfall we have already experienced
  • Rising seas that will wipe out most of our coastal settlements, surf beaches and river systems
  • Collapsed fisheries and farmers driven off the land by drought

As well as allowing three new polluting coal power stations without any pollution controls, the 2010 State Budget allocates 99% of capital expenditure by the government energy utility (Verve) to be spent on polluting fossil-fuel energy sources.

As part of this, Verve plans to recommission 2 old inefficient Muja coal fired power stations dating back to the 1960’s. These old dinosaurs were shut down years ago, and should stay that way!

This is simply not good enough, especially when Western Australia is blessed with some of the best renewable energy resources in the world.

Recently the WA Auditor General released a report saying that the State Government had wasted $50 million on energy that was not needed. If we improved energy efficiency in Western Australia we would save money and there would be no need to build new polluting power stations.

Proposed Coal Mines in WA

Margaret River

Margaret River is well known for its surfing, vineyards, forests, great food and as a global tourist destination. Margaret River is now under threat from a proposed coal mine just 15km from the town centre and 1000m from the river bed from which the town gets its name.

Behind this proposed coal mine are South West Coal Pty. Ltd.(70%) a wholly owned subsidiary of the AMCI Group which was bought in Feb 2007 by Brazil CVRD, and Vasse Coal Pty. Ltd. (30%).

Victorian based LD Operations Pty. Ltd. has been hired by these companies to facilitate the mine approvals, feasibility and mine development of the project.

The Vasse Coal Mining Project is located on the Vasse Coal Shelf, a Permian Coal Seam, spanning from Vasse Newtown (next to Busselton) down through Margaret River Region and ending in Augusta.  The project currently consists of 7 mining leases, over approximately 6000 ha of land with an estimated 60 million tonnes of coal through the shelf.

Water pollution risks

The Vasse Coal Shelf runs beneath and through the South West two main aquifers the Leederville and the Yarragadee posing the threat of water pollution and disruption of the aquifer itself.

The proposed mine site is situated on one of the  Margaret River tributaries and is directly up stream from the towns water supply catchments at 10 Mile Brook Dam. Water contamination from this coal mine would have disastrous affects on the water security of the Margaret River township and surrounding communities.

Coal mining requires that the site of the mine be dewatered, this may partially dewater the Leederville aquifer on which this proposed mine sits, and have run on affects to the Yarragadee aquifer below.

Due to lack of information on the aquifers of WA this coal mine could  seriously damage the surrounding water supply for the area.

To find out more about what residents of Margaret River, and the NoCoal!tion are doing to stop the mine click here.

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Construction Images

27 Feb 2011 at 2:34pm

I have been driving past the new Fiona Stanley Hospital additions for months. This time I stopped and got a few shots. I think is has awesome potential. Be good to see someone else’s take on it. I know Tony Hewitt was keen to get some images. It was only about 40 degrees when this was shot. The Phase just loves adversity!

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Karijini With Eastway, Hewitt and Fletcher

24 Feb 2011 at 10:32am

We have had some spot become available for our world famous workshop to Karijini National Park. If you can make it I need to know asap. The details are:-

Dates are the 24th of March 2011 through to the 27th

Cost will be $2780 for the workshop Tuition

Food and accommodation will be $170 per day and consists of shared accommodation and three meals a day. This is to be paid directly to the Karijini Eco Retreat.

We cover everything you need to know about capturing images, RAW conversion, post production with software like photoshop, nik, and others and finally teach you the critical stuff like colour management and fine art printing. It is a full on 4 days with two shoots a day and classes in between shooting. Great fun and to be in that location is awesome.

Here is what others said about the workshop

Thanks so much Christian, Peter and Tony. Can’t believe how much I learnt and improved. I’m revisitng all of my images taken prior to the workshop, that’s how far I progressed. For anyone reading this and thinking of going next year, it was awful, don’t bother coming!! #evil laughter, patting of fluffy white cat#    Darriene

Good to see you made it back safely. It was an amazing weekend, the instructors, participants and the location is out of this world. I stopped in at Hamersley gorge and that is also an amazing place that we didn’t get to in the workshop. Andre Joanisse

Thanks for a brilliant long weekend, I really needed an atmosphere like that to spur me on. I think we all learnt something from each other, including the instructors. Matthew Inman

Mate love to join you three jokers again in 2011 picked up heaps last workshop.  Andrew Stevens

Come and join us, it will be a fantastic experience again and with all the water that they have had the waterfalls will be amazing

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Wilsons Promontory Workshop

22 Feb 2011 at 12:06pm

Time is running out to get on the workshop Tom and I are holding at “the Prom” next month. It is an unbelievable beautiful part of the world and we will have it all to ourselves. All the details are below and if you want to book go to http://www.tomputtphotographicworkshops.com/products/Masterclass-Workshop-%252d-Wilson%27s-Promontory-Victoria.html

LOCATION: Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria

DATES: Friday 18th March to Monday 21st 2011

LEADERS: Tom Putt and Christian Fletcher

TIMES: This workshop begins at 1pm on Friday and concludes at 12pm on the Monday afternoon.

PREREQUISTE: Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop (or a basic understanding of your camera and photography).

WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: Come to Victoria’s most popular national park, Wilson’s Promontory and photograph with two of Australia’s most prolific landscape photographers, Tom Putt & Christian Fletcher. Staying right in the heart of the national Park at Tidal River, you’ll spend 4 days exploring this area. With a mixture of outdoor photography and indoor shoots, this workshop offers a variety of different teaching methods and learning opportunities in this one-off workshop. Don’t miss out!

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: In this workshop you will learn the workflow from capture to print of two of Australia’s leading landscape photographers. Find out what makes a good composition, how to work with the available light, then what to do with it in post production to get professional looking results. Have you ever wondered how to get the richness of tone and contrast, of colour and clarity that the pros get?!!? We will show you, and all the tricks and secrets that most photographers keep to themselves. Christian and Tom are both highly successful practicing photographers and this workshop would suit anyone wanting to move up the photographic ladder to those keen amateurs just wanting to get the best from their cameras.

SUITABLE FOR: Photographers who want to capture the spectacular landscape of ‘The Prom’, particularly sandy beaches, rocky outcrops and coastal vegetation.

WHAT TO EXPECT: A typical day starts with an early rise for sunrise, followed by breakfast back at the lodge, a day walk exploring the magnificent scenery around Tidal River, followed by a sunset shoot.  Dinner follows then a critiques with wine in hand.  Long days but this is a very practically based workshop where there’s plenty of practical one-on-one tuition.

WHAT TO BRING: Camera, tripod, gadgets (because all photographers love their gadgets!), Compact Flash Cards, Camera Bag, your laptop computer, Power cable for laptop, Card reader, Hat, sunscreen, Thermals, Walking boots, Clothes (inc warm ones), Rain Jacket, umbrella, Toiletries, Head torch, snacks, anything else that is vitally important that is not on this list…

PHOTOGRAPHIC LEVEL: Beginner to Semi-Professional

Level 3 – Moderate


  • Photographing the spectacular Prom under the guidance of two professional landscape photographers
  • Capturing the classic sunset over Norman Bay from the top of Mount Oberon
  • Photographing the secluded Whisky Bay at sunset
  • Photographing the unique reflections of Tidal river

ACCOMMODATION: We stay at our own private lodge at Tidal River.  The workshop fee includes accommodation (bunk share).

MEALS: Included in the workshop (excluding drinks).

$1995 includes expert photographic tuition, handouts, accommodation (bunk share), all meals (Friday evening to Monday lunch), transfers to Tidal River from Melbourne, national park fees and permits. Not included are drinks, airfares, or other incidentals.

PARTNER PACKAGE (non-tuition package): Not Applicable for this workshop due to the limited accommodation.

PLACES LIMITED TO: 10 Participants only

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This ones for Merv

20 Feb 2011 at 10:05pm

Think I’m having a relapse Mervie! I have gone altered and even darker! Nose is blocked, head is sore, chest is wheezy. I could be on my last legs!

There, you have the full compliment of CF styles all in one night. Happy with all of them, then I am sick!!!!

Wanted the cartoon movie poster look for this. Nik Colour efex to the rescue and some fancy layer action later in Photoshop.

Go the Phase!

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Lake Pedder, Tasmania

20 Feb 2011 at 8:34pm

One of the most photogenic places in Tasmania. All you need is some time and a boat and you would have more photos than you can fit on a hard drive.

The Phase loves this type of photo. The detail is U N B E L I E V A B L E

Phase One 645DF, 150mm Phase Lens, P65+ Back.

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