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Shot on the Amazing Fuji X100

31 Mar 2011 at 9:37pm

One of my favourites from the Fuji. I took this in low light, hand held at 1/32 sec at F/4, iso 800. Now how good is it. Not only that it was about 2 stops under exposed. Still no problems. To see this photo in the flesh make sure you get along to the Fuji night next week in Perth.

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Canon XF305 Test – Wings Over Avalon

29 Mar 2011 at 10:04pm


[vimeo width=”680″ height=”219″]http://vimeo.com/21598766[/vimeo]



He may be back but I’m planning to arc up the posts on the blog with all things DSLR video for all those photog’s out there who may be thinking of dabbling in more video. Hey if you cant afford a Phase One why not shoot awesome video with the equally awesome inexpensive 5D mk2.

I hear from people all the time saying “I really want to have a go at shooting video but never get around to it” Well I say stuff it, get off your bums buy Final Cut Pro and start creating. Photographers are a dime a dozen, why compete with the masses. Go Video!!!! you may never go back…

When I was in Melbourne for the Avalon International Airshow I asked Graeme Carlton from Canon Australia if there was a camera that I could have a play with at the airshow. He was more than happy to suggest I try out Canons new XF305.

The above video was shot using the XF305 and it was a bit of the old blast from the past using a proper video camera again after all the years using DSLR’s. I couldn’t of pulled off this kind of shoot with a DSLR and even with a dedicated video camera I struggled keeping up with the fast moving footage.

The XF305 shoots full HD 1920 x 1080 footage, Mpeg-2 (4:2:2) recording codec, 50Mbps data recording, which means its broadcast compliant and ready for major TV productions.

The image quality is excellent and I’m hoping that I will get the chance to shoot some landscapes with this beast in the future.

Check out Canon Australia’s website for more info.

Thanks to Graeme and also Michelle Tuddenham from Canon for giving me the opportunity .

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I’m Back

29 Mar 2011 at 3:20pm

Well after a couple of weeks off doing what I love, taking pictures, the blog is back! Bigger and better, ok it’s just back! Seems I missed all you lot more than I thought I would. It is pretty lonely out there in post blog obscurity!

Just getting my sh 1 t together and will start posting again. I have 2 weeks of paperwork, emails and family commitments to catch up on.

Here is a pic of Wilsons Prom last week. Tom and I were lucky enough to have the workshop fire along nicely and still get out before the rain set in. This cloud threatened for two days but didn’t spill a drop.

This is a stitch from the Fuji X100. I will be in Perth for the launch giving a talk  and showing photos from it. I have to say it is a brilliant camera.

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Blog Shutdown

1 Mar 2011 at 10:41am

Well I never thought it would come but my workload has increased to a point where maintaining the blog is not possible.

I am suspending posting here but will have a news and workshops page on my website.  I will still be able to have my rants about things that are important to me and news of any workshops that I have coming up.

This will cost me in the SEO stakes for sure but I just don’t have the energy to maintain this forum. You all have a great network now and don’t need me anyway!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this blog over the past 3 years. It has been a pleasure to meet you and share some awesome times. I’ll still be around but will focus on my photos and my family, the things that really mean the most to me.

All the best


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