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Flash Sync Speed of the Fuji X100

1 Apr 2011 at 9:05am

There are some very cool features on the Fuji X100. One I particularly like is the fast flash sync speed – 1/2000 sec. This allows you to go out during the middle of the day with flash and use a wide aperture to get a shallow depth of field, a very cool look indeed. I took this shot of my boy this morning before school goofing around on the trampoline. I froze the action with the Elinchrom Ranger Quadras that I loaned from Team Digital. How cool is it to use the X100 and the Quadras to make images. Both are so small and portable it is a joy to use. More images from this fantastic flash feature to come.


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  1. Sweet shot mate and sweet feature at that sync speed!

  2. Great to see you are getting some clean and crisp results from the X100. Look forward to catching up and seeing some more superb images on Wednesday night.

  3. Yeah Leigh I have lots of cool pics from this camera. As you would know it is going to be a game changer like the 5D2 was.

  4. Pete Hodgson says:

    Sounds like my kind of camera, small and simple and if it can take shots like this with the quadra it’s going to be a winner.
    Looks like your boy is jumping out of the frame….. hope he didn’t land on the lawn ?

  5. Haydn Jones says:

    Hey Christian,

    I am really happy, firstly, that you are back blogging and secondly, that you are using this camera. I am about to take off oversea and have been seriously looking at this camera. Stoked to see an amazing photographer using the camera and reviewing it, not those forum reviews.

    I am disappointed I cant make it on Wednesday night. All the best and how much is it going to cost us for this bad boy?

  6. He made it ok Pete!

    Hayden thanks for the welcome back. Yes this camera is perfect for travel and street photography. In fact for just about all occasions. I love it. Cost is going to be $1250 I believe from Team Digital. I heard of one being sold for $2500 because they are so hard to come by atm. Crazy! Mine isn’t for sale BTW.

  7. hazel says:

    That’s great for editorial shooters.

  8. John Bouma says:

    Great shot and review.

    Could you please shine a light on your setup. Wich remote flash trigger did you use combined with the quadra?
    PW or Skyports?

    kind regards,


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