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Shopping Trolleys are So Last Year

7 Apr 2011 at 8:12pm

Sea Containers are the new Skip Bins!

Last night was the official launch of the new Fuji X100. I gave a presentation of images from it and a bit of a talk. Good to see some familiar faces there, Merv, Markie Mark, Adrien & Skye, Paulie Paul, Trevo and Benny and lots of people I didn’t know. About 100 turned up and marvelled at the quality of the prints from the camera. Must have been shot by some pretty hot shot photog!! haha

Thanks to all the Fuji boys Kevin, Matt, Justin and not to be outdone our very own Leigh, an active blogger, fuji rep and ace photographer.

This morning before heading back home to Dunsborough I shot this image from the car with the x100. I have some ideas for this place. You lucky bastards in Perth, you have the best stuff to shoot.


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  1. You should come over to Rotterdam, we have literally millions of these containers over here. I like the moody atmosphere of this shot. Didn’t know Perth ever got that kind of weather.

  2. matt saul says:

    Couldnt make it last night. I saw the shots today though in team digital….TERRIBLE

  3. matt saul says:

    sh*tloads of sweet new shots on your website mate!

  4. mervfrench says:

    Hell thats sharp !!!

  5. Christian you should do a take on Magellan Metals with this shot.
    Magellan Metals logo on the containers with contaminated mud caked on the side .. Maybe a couple of birds falling out of the sky and Panasonic stooges staggering about like zombies! Nothing like a bit of controversy :]

  6. dave bettini says:

    Like this one mate. Big and grand.
    You’re moving up from shopping trolleys. But one day the shipping containers will indeed be recycled into shopping trolleys.

  7. Yep – this one’s got a bit more to it than thy ye olde trolley. Even lots more potential there with the phase. It’s great to read the drive by’s are back ! Now just to combine all three !

  8. Mate i have the epic shopping trolly shot when you are next in town that will revive the trolley concept! 🙂

  9. Tom Parkes says:

    I’m loving your new style, I’m going through a door phase at present.

  10. Stakky says:

    ey Fletch, that new tasmanian farm land pano you’ve got is a killer good image. Should print it out massive and hang it next to that huge portrait image you’ve got in the gallery i raved so much about last year!!

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