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FMG Behaving Badly

8 Apr 2011 at 10:11am

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/21871850]

I ask everyone to sit and watch this whole video and tell me your not disgusted with the way Fortescue Metals Group are trying to railroad this aboriginal community to give up their land and culture for nothing.

It sickens me. Woodside are trying to do the same in the Kimberley. Please watch and forward on to your contacts. So now I have another reason to believe that we really are the worst species on this planet. We destroy everything and soon we will destroy ourselves. My poor children, what hope can I give them. Maybe Twiggy Forrest has an answer!



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  1. My 3G internet is rather poor at the moment so I have only watched 5 minutes but from what I can gather it is almost too depressing to watch the rest.

    Really makes you loose faith in humanity. I wish the story of Woodside attempting to get rid of Joe Rowe in every way they can would gain publicity.

  2. James says:

    The Yindjibarndi mob are getting organised and are need your help in their fight for a fair deal.

    Go to our facebook page, click “like” and stay tuned.

  3. Ian Woolcock says:

    We humans are also destined to not learn from the past. My native Cornwall (England) was once one of the most heavily mined and industrialised areas on the planet, now the mining remains are part of a world heritage site. I could understand the wanton destruction hundreds of years ago when it was mine or starve but now? Thankfully nature is doing a fine job of hiding many of the scars of the past.

    I was shocked when I was touring oz a couple of years ago at the encroachment of some of Australia’s mines into the most beautiful parts of the country, it amazes me that the government fails to realise if things are not brought into check then they will lose rather a lot of tourist Dollars!

    Keep up the fight.

    • Dan Proud says:

      I agree Ian, but unfortunately I think you’d find that tourism would fade away into insignificance when compared with the dollars that mining brings in…

      • Ian Woolcock says:

        Yes but that is only at the current unsustainable high cost of metals. The price of tin for example is about £20000 per ton, watch what happens to all the tin mines when the price crashes back to under £4000, this has happens many many times over the last few hundred years (this caused two thirds of the male population of Cornwall to emigrate in the 1800s).

        And mining brings huge amount of money in but how much of that actually goes back into the Australian economy and not into the pocket of the shareholders and managers of the international mineral companies?

        • Would be good to see the breakdown wouldn’t it Ian. You know we did all right before the mining boom. Prices were cheaper and people just lived to their means. Land prices in Dunsborough went from $30,000 to $500,000 along with the boom. Great if your in the industry making bucket loads but for the average punter it made it tough.

    • The tourist dollars are always going to be there, mining dollars won’t as you rightly said Ian. Actually one of the nicest landscapes I have seen in the pilbara was on mining land and the only reason I got to see it was I was doing some shots for them at the time. Everyone else would be in trouble if they went there. Short term is all the government can see.

  4. Dan Proud says:

    All I can say is that its impossible for white people with a money driven agenda, to possibly understand the aborgine people and their culture. It’s just two so distant planets that they are trying to squeeze into a room – and expecting ONE outcome! Its never going to work like that, and will eventually boil down to who has the power and the $$.

    Minerals need to be mined for the world to go on – but it cant be done like this. That’s appalling.

  5. James says:

    Interesting movie fletch. I didn’t realize people outside of traditional boundaries could come and vote on things that doesn’t influence them.

    At least now days we are not stuck to traditional media outlets which are influenced / leaned on by big companies.

    I don’t know who made the video but I could see it going viral except for one thing, the length. People nowdys would like 30 s to 90 s to watch a video. Perhaps you could suggest this to whoever made the video. They make a 90s version and at the end put a link to the full version.
    Anyway, thanks for posting the video.

    • Yeah it is weird that can happen James. I am amazed it they can be even allowed to vote. A very sneaky way for the big companies to get around things. Same is happening at James Price Point.

  6. I would have to say I agree with James on the length.

    However I have watched the whole video and it isn’t right.
    We have a right as Australian’s to enjoy this land that was given to us. My question is how can we enjoy the land when mining companies like Fortescue put fences up and permanently scar this magnificent earth all in the name of making a profit?

    I feel that we have a moral responsibility to do something about it. All it takes is one voice and from that one voice many will speak.

    Fortescue Metals have certainly gone about this the wrong way. The right and final decision should rest with the Elders of the country (land) in question as THEY are the oldest original custodians of the land.

    So my vote on the land grab by Fortescue Metals is – NO they shouldn’t go ahead, plain and simple. Fortescue Metals or any other mining company should respect Aboriginal culture. Australian land is part of an Aboriginal person. Mess with it and you mess with them. It doesn’t matter if you have grown up around the area Mr Forrest – you clearly are one fries short of a happy meal. The last time I looked you’re not an Aboriginal so what gives you the right to tread on them and make some money from it. I shake my head in disgust.

    – Leigh Diprose

  7. James says:

    Thanks for feedback, we are working on a 3 minute edit now.

    “Like” us on Facebook to track our progress.


  8. James says:

    and a 90 second edit. Thanks again James

  9. All of a sudden I feel guilty about working for Woodside. Though, in my defense, I work in maintenance at the Karratha Gas Plant which provides us all with gas to cook dinner every night 🙂

    Apparently the FMG offer is $4M per year to the native title claimant’s. Honestly, the annual profits will dwarf that. But 3 of the 7 elders have already agreed to the offer. I guess they have to weigh up what that money could do for the community versus what the destruction is worth to them. I read somewhere that the Burrup Peninsula will be restored to it’s original condition when Woodside packs up in 30 years and that the 50 years they will have been there is like a drop in the ocean of time to the Aboriginal people. But a gas plant is clean and has such a smaller foot print compared to Iron Ore. Anyway, I think we can probably do without this project if Machiavellian and divisive tactics are used to get it through…

  10. Stakky says:

    Mr. FMG really screwed that one up. On one hand the money would be a huge benefit for the community, but giving up of or even loaning land which has cultural significance is just too far, considering the benefits from the project are 90% going towards FMG and the land could be ripped up. If they offered a far more reasonable deal, the conflict would be smoother for everybody. It’s like FMG wants to collect haters in return for work.

  11. Tom Parkes says:

    I’m just sick of the mentality of treating our resources like cancer “Cut it out now”.
    It is fueled by greed, and try an pass it off as they’re helping aboriginal communities, its not about money.
    In my opinion, bring in a mining tax and let Government help the Aboriginal Communities that way.

    Subject Change:
    I watched the Australian Story on John Quigley Pt 1+2.
    Is the WA Police force where NSW Police force were in the 80’+90s? Any underbelly series coming up?
    The Kennedy Royal Commission should have stamped out that crap.
    And the doco didn’t paint Karl O’Callaghan as a saint either.
    Is is just me or does is appear that Police Unions just protect crooked cops? as I have not one bit of trust in any Police Union.

    How do fellow bloggers feel about the WA Police force?

    • Don’t know enough to comment. I just want them to get the bad guys, unfortunately most of the bad guys are bad within the confines of the law! You know executive types who screw everything and everyone for a profit.

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