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This is Frod

24 May 2011 at 8:07pm

For all you guys and gals who dont know, this is what you get when dealing with Rod Thomas from FStop bags Australia.


No nonsense, hard hitter, with a sense of style like no other.

“I like to dress down to hide my true personality” Rod Thomas, May 2009.

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Fstop Rod is Selling Something

24 May 2011 at 7:57pm

We all know him as Fstop Rod. The man who sells the best camera bags on the planet and has been known to wear a dress and cowboy hat….at the same time…go figure. Well I had a phone call from Fstop Rod…..lets just call him Frod and he is selling…No…No.. it’s not his shapely body girls, it’s better than that. Frod is selling one of the best bit of kits a videographer could ever want, the ZACUTO Z FINDER. What the fruit is that all you stills guys are saying? Well here is a picture.

The Z Finder gives you the ability to monitor your LCD in full sunshine allowing you the ability to get that critical focus you’ll never be able to get without it. It gives greater control when trying to follow focus and also acts as a stabiliser for hand held shooting with an extra point of contact with the camera.

I have one and couldn’t shoot without it (video that is)….

Rod is selling it as he predominately shoots stills and finds it gets in the way when using the cameras eye viewer. (Whats wrong with Live View I say)

Anyway any of you videographers out there want a brand new Z Finder over $100 cheaper than the US give Rod a call on 0417 677 966.

Price $ 350.00 and that includes a free FStop bag. Ok thats not true but if you ask Rod nicely he may give you a good deal on one of the sweetest camera bags on the market at the same time.


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Bike Ride to Broome

20 May 2011 at 3:31pm

Paul Theseira is organising a non stop bike ride to Broome to bring awareness to the looming Gas Plant at James Price Point. It will be a 24 hour ride that should last for 5.5 days all going good. I have put my hand up to be one of the riders along with Paul. David Bettini is talking about joining us so who else wants to get fit and do your bit for the Kimberley?

See all the details here


We will be leaving on the 21st of August.


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Blue Mountains Workshop spots available

20 May 2011 at 2:36pm

Nick Rains and I will be presenting another of our intensive photography workshops in June 2011. This time we will be holding it in the Blue Mountains, about 2 hours drive west of Sydney, on the weekend of June 18 and 19.

The intensive weekend workshops we have been conducting around the country have proved to be very popular and we get a lot of excellent feedback.We have found a fabulous venue right at the edge of the Grosse valley, about 500m from Evens Lookout. It’s an ecolodge called Jemby Rinjah and it’s buried in the forest with lots of beautiful trees filled with birds. When the mists roll in it is quite spectacular. Fortunately it’s also very cosy and has a big log fire in the main room – we are doing the workshop in June so bring your woollies!

Our workshops are classroom based, but we do go out shooting on the Saturday and Sunday mornings. It’s a very short walk to the amazing Evans Lookout, and if we get the misty mornings that the Blue Mountains are known for then we will be in for a treat. Right next to the lookout is the track down into the Grand Canyon and if you spend an  extra day in the area this would be a superb walk to do. It’s a tough one, with some serious stairs to ascend at each end, but it’s one of the best walks in the Blue Mountains.

Nick and I will present eight seminars, four per day. We will cover all aspects of our photography and will share with you, in detail, many of the techniques that we use. Nick will cover the essence of landscape photography, colour management, raw shooting, and image sweetening. Christian will demonstrate his Photoshop mastery and the many ways in which he creates his amazing images.

A full itinerary of the two days can be downloaded here.


The cost is $995 and includes morning tea, full cooked lunch and afternoon tea on both days. Sign Up for this Workshop

The venue has offered an accommodation package for three nights (Friday to Sunday nights) for $458.50 including all meals so this is a really good deal. Call Wendy Cowan on 02 47877622 at Jemby Rinjah for bookings.



Sign Up for this Workshop



Terms and Conditions – click here for full details



Noosa Workshop

October 22-23 2011


Freycinet Workshop

December 10-11 2011


Bunker Bay Workshop

January 21-22 2012


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Heading to the Kimberley

18 May 2011 at 8:10am

Well I guess I am the luckiest guy in the world this week as I head off to the Kimberley on the amazing “True North”. 13 days of luxury and shooting, “going wild in style”. This will be the start of a new top secret project that will be revealed later. Whilst your thinking about how you would like to see me dipped in a bucket of acid, don’t forget about the workshop I will be running on True North in April 2012. We already have half a dozen photogs joining Markie, Tommy P and I for the experience of a lifetime. See my previous post for details.

The blog will be pretty quiet till I get back, leaving this Friday.

This is an image I took for Willie Creek years ago. This beautiful beach is only 20 or 30kms from the proposed gas plant at James Price Point.


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Cheap Phase One backs, don’t wait, get in quick!

13 May 2011 at 1:35pm

Hi all, this would probably be the cheapest you will ever get into some Phase gear with a 1 year warranty. $20,000 under what I paid and it is probably only a year or so old in most cases. Go on you know you wanted to go medium format.

Those of you that have seen prints from these cameras know what it is all about! Nothing else comes close! See the post from Team Digital below


Due to the amazing success of the new Phase One IQ backs. We now have a number of pre-owned Phase One P series back available at some unbelievable prices. These backs come complete with a full 12 month warranty.

Back only

P40+ (40 Megapixel Sensor Plus )  $ 16500.00 inc gst

# $ 135.50 per week

P45+ (39 Megapixel  )  $ 18150.00 inc gst

# $ 148.85 per week

P65+ (60.5 Megapixel Sensor Plus )  $ 28600.00 inc gst

# $ 227.00 per week

Back and Body kit Phase One 645AF body with 80mm F2.8

P40+ (40 Megapixel Sensor Plus )   $ 18370.00 inc gst

# $ 156.70 per week

P45+ (39 Megapixel  ) $ 19995.00 inc gst

# $163.85 per week

P65+ (60.5 Megapixel Sensor Plus ) $ 29995.00 inc gst

# $ 237.00 per week

# Weekly payment are based on a Commercial HP over 36 months with no residual. Subject to change without notice.

To find out more about these Digital Backs click here to go to Phase One


Contact Trevor for more details on 08 93283377 or fill out the form below for a information pack.


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