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  1. Pete Hodgson says:

    Hey thats my old welding screen !! Plenty of dynamic range in this one.,Nice shot.

  2. Nice, I like the details and textures, and how the shape of the metal frame echoes the shape of the pipes above.

  3. mervfrench says:

    Yeah it’s just pipes and stuff. ( yawn ) 🙂

    You should have put some feet behind the screen and made it a mystery shot.

  4. muzz says:

    I went here on a school trip when I was a kid – my mate’s dad ran the place back then and he organised it. It was full on – hot, dirty, noisy, smelly and awesome. They used to forge a lot of their own gear back then and I have a vivid memory of hot metal coming out of a furnace and being poured into moulds to make wheels, there was fire and sparks and stuff flying around everywhere. This shot is such a contrast to my memory that it highlights the “death” of the place as I knew it, which was far from cold, stark, silent and still – for that this shot works perfectly.

  5. Stakky says:

    This is my backyard!
    could have dropped into camerahouse whilst you were local! no professionals ever come to midland.

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