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  1. Bloody hell you posting freak! Just rub it in my won’t you….I can’t post a photo until the end of the week!
    Seriously though this is a striking image. The only distraction for me is the shadow in the foreground. But hey considering the content in this image who cares!!

  2. Tim Wootton says:

    yep, I like this one Christian, nearly Gothic!

  3. Thanks boys. Shadow has more detail than can be seen in this jpeg Leigh. Cheers

  4. It looks like something that could be a scene in the currrent Dr Who series. Very groovy. 🙂


  5. phil back says:

    that is awesome mate very monolithic

  6. Now that is an awesome shot! No wonder you don’t have any confidence issues 😉

  7. Nah none these days Katrina, too old to worry about what people think anyway! Well thats not true!! haha I really like this pic, I must print it up tomorrow for a better look.

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