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Nice work Woodside!

11 Jul 2011 at 9:25pm

Goes to show with lots of money and enough greed anything is possible. As Flemming said, how far would he be allowed to go with a bulldozer if he wanted to carve up some wilderness.

I’m not having a go at anyone who works for Woodside just those who make the decisions, and most of all our glorious leader Barnett. You must be so proud right now. Thanks to you our economy is going to prosper, the indigenous will be housed, educated and happy (just like what the mining industry have done for the peoples of the Pilbara) and a whole new industrial scar will cover one of our last wilderness areas! Brilliant.

Right now I could drive a bulldozer right through parliament house, but I wouldn’t. I have too much respect for peoples property and the law!!!!

p.s. I’m not having a go at the police either, they are doing a job like the rest of us.



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  1. When I first saw this video yesterday, I nearly cried. It is heart breaking. This is a fight that must be won, it is not just James Price Point – that is only the beginning. All of Kimberley will be industrialised once the world’s largest gas plant is up and running.

    Earth is the only home we have and have ever known. No one will come and rescue us. It is time for us to take better care of it.

  2. Dan Proud says:

    There’s gas everywhere – why the Kimberley and JPP??

  3. Nigel Gaunt says:

    Thank you Christian for putting this up on your blog,
    Just watching it makes me so sad, i was there when the riot police came in and pushed their way through. They had arrested 25 of the more prominent supporters both black and white, They barged through using excessive force, a lot of people were pushed to the ground and then arrested. People who could not walk fast enough were shoved to one side with enough force that they to fell. Sadly on the day there were not enough people to stop what happened, if we had 600 to 1000 people we could of made a stand.
    We are determined to get behind Joe Roe and the others to stop this destruction of JPP, but Barnetts ultimate goal is the whole of the Kimberley.
    Everyone PLEASE help where you can, write to your MP, write to Barnett, go online and fill out petitions. If we dont stop this Western Australia will end up just one big Mine site.
    sorry christian for for abusing your blog. This is just the start, this could be your back yard too.

  4. Abuse away Nigel, any way to get the message out there is good. It is like Avatar, if only someone could get James Cameron over to film the sequel in the Kimberley.

    We are with you Nigel, and the residents of Broome and the indigenous groups who don’t want this abomination in the Kimberley.

  5. hazel says:

    SHAME on you Colin Barnett shame on you.

    As far as the police go I cant help but sympathise. These men and women choose to help the community and unfortunately their political values and beliefs have to be put to one side to put food on their families table. I know a couple of police workers personally that like me and you hate what is going on. They would be the first to help if you needed help. And I know you all agree withthis……..This is not their fault…. it is the fault of BARNETT’S GOVERNMENT. I cant believe people voted for him in the first place.

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