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James Price Point Exhibition in Broome

31 Oct 2011 at 9:00am

Good news


The exhibition went well being attended by over 400 people. I believe around $10,000 was raised to help Environs Kimberley with their work to bring awareness to the plight of the Kimberley. It is a bit of a David and Goliath struggle but at least there are people willing to stand up for what they believe.

These are going into a joint exhibition with other photographers from around Australia with a guest slot for our favourite Dane Flemming Bo Jensen. The photographs will be for sale with all the money going to help save James Price Point. The fight isn’t over yet.

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True North Kimberley Workshop 2012

26 Oct 2011 at 1:11pm

Ok you have thought about it, you have been tempted by it, some of the bloggers have done it and now it is your turn to experience the ultimate Kimberley photographic workshop.


I will be on True North with the man himself truenorthmark.com to teach everything I know about photography. To show you how to get stunning landscape images of what is probably Australia’s most untouched paradise. See below for the trip details.

Kimberley Gorges From 07 April 2012 To 14 April 2012
Wyndham – Hunter River/Broome, 7 Nights

The Kimberley Gorges itinerary features the northern half of the Kimberley
Ultimate cruise. Here the landscape is dominated by the Kimberley’s
stunning gorge country including the Berkeley River, the King George Falls
and the Mitchell River. Includes helicopter/aircraft transfer to Broome.

Kimberley Islands From 14 April 2012 To 20 April 2012
Broome/Hunter River – Broome, 6 Nights

The Kimberley Islands itinerary features the southern half of the Kimberley
Ultimate cruise. A totally different Kimberley experience featuring the
mighty Prince Regent, intriguing Montgomery Reef and the exhilarating
Horizontal Waterfalls. Includes helicopter/aircraft transfer from Broome.

I will be on both legs of the journey. Join us for one trip or both if you really want to see this coastline. It is a once in a lifetime adventure. Going with Mark is a bonus too as he knows all the spots to get the best shots, he always commandeers a tender boat and we never miss out on the action.

The best part of the True North is the absolute luxury you are in the whole time you are aboard. Not once do you have to lift a finger, everything is provided. It is simply the best ever experience I have had and will ever have. So much so that normal life after True North is a real let down. Be prepared for post True North Blues! Still there won’t be time for getting depressed you will have thousands of images to process when home again and back to reality.

We will shoot every day and process by night. I will be showing all my photoshop tricks and there will be lots of time in the field learning about composition and capture.

Get on board, this trip being at the end of the wet should prove to be as awesome as the most recent that Markie, Flemming, David Bettini and Greg Munyard were on this year. Lots of water and amazing skys.

More details of the adventure soon. Time to start planing.

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Le Tour de Dunsborough

20 Oct 2011 at 11:10am

Just got off a ride this morning and thought what the hell, may as well shoot myself in full riding gear, girls keep your tongues in, I know you can’t resist a man in lycra. Turned on the lights, set the auto timer in the Phase and wasted lots of mega pixels trying to make myself look Kool. Unfortunately I look like a Tool but I am at an age now where I just don’t give a sh1t. I’m thinking now that a gopher isn’t so embarrassing after all. Can’t wait to get one, will have to bomb it with some tunes and a whippy  aerial complete with fox tail!

Shot using that cool backlighting technique. Enjoying this work, might have to take the lights into the landscape soon. And mothers if you would like your kids photographed I am happy to do it for $2k a pic. Yes if you are going to make me suffer I want to be compensated for it! Don’t think I will be getting much work!

Notice I cut my guts out of the shot to maintain a G rating! Ok bring on the jokes, I can take it!

Phase One 645DF

Schneider 80mm

IQ180 Digital Back


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Another Great Photo Competition

19 Oct 2011 at 9:57am

Better Digital Camera Magazine have a fantastic competition coming up, and the prizes are CASH baby! , Oh yeah, thats wot I’m talk’n bout! Get all the details here Better Digital Camera Photo Competition

The editors and publishers of Better Digital Camera magazine proudly present a brand new photography competition for non-professional photographers around the world. Judging is online and the process of entering your best photographs is really easy. There is also a choice of categories to enter, and you can enter as many photos as you like in all five categories!

Perhaps most exciting is that every entry receives a score out of 100. The Bronze Award (70 – 79) represent a high standard of photography and winners are to be congratulated. The Silver Award (80 to 81) is what a professional would aspire to, but only a handful of photographers are able to win the elusive Gold Award (90 to 100). Can you do it?

This is a great way to test yourself and all Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners will receive an official certificate by email which they can proudly print and display.

We trust you’ll find all the information you need on these pages. Entry is just $15.00 per image.

Good luck!

Peter Eastway
Co-Publisher, Better Digital Camera Magazine

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Last week to get your entries in

18 Oct 2011 at 11:13am

The Golden Shopping Trolley awards are just about finished and now is the time to get your entries in to Team Digital

There are some great prizes

1st Prize is shiny new Epson Pro 3880 A2 printer valued at $ 2195.00
2nd Prize is a super-light weight Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripod 055CXPro4 valued at $ 795.00
3rd Prize is the Complete Collection of NiK Software valued at $ 699.00

Do it now, and remember not every photo has to have a shopping trolley in it. It just needs to be an Altered Landscape.

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Tasmania Revisit

17 Oct 2011 at 8:17pm

Going back over previous trips is like being there all over again. I have been accused of having a camera up to my eye in every waking moment and I guess that is true. Am I missing out on the experience of being there or am I experiencing more than those who are kicking back and watching it all pass by. As a photographer a moment lost is a missed opportunity. If I leave my camera home and the light is out of this world, I might as well been out of this world as well. I have missed it. My purpose for being on this earth seems to be to record my experiences, it must be because every other pursuit or hobby just can’t match it. I remember the feeling I got surfing, the thrill of speeding along a crystal clear wall of water. That was pretty special. How could taking photos be better than that? For me it is and when I look back to places I have been, everything comes back and I relieve the moment again. I am the luckiest guy on the planet!


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One spot left for 2011

17 Oct 2011 at 10:00am

Nick Rains and I have had a cancellation for this weekend coming in Noosa. If you would like to book that spot let Nick or I know asap. It is a brilliant 2 day wotkshop in a brilliant location. For more info on the workshop go to,


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