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Feeling Hungry?

6 Nov 2011 at 9:06pm

When your kids go to school you get asked to do lots of love jobs. I don’t mind as parents helping out in schools builds community spirt. Jen, my wife, does so much and I’m really proud of her, she has even taught the kids basic yoga. I was asked to shoot the latest meals being offered at the canteen. Luckily I had the studio lights set up so it was a snap. Even got to eat some the next day! Yummy!


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  1. muzz says:

    You should do this for a living – looks pretty good. There might be a dodgy horizon in there though.

    I’d love to see your take on a Chiko roll, a hot dog and a bowl of chicken nuggets – you’d get business from most of the other school canteens around.

  2. mervfrench says:

    Looks good enough to eat.

    Much better than the soggy polony buns we used to get !!!

  3. I’m certainly hungry now 🙂

    Great stuff mate, love messing with the studio lights 🙂

  4. wendy says:

    Can I come to your school? lol Looks pretty good, and had to laugh at Muzz’s comment……

  5. wow thats a far cry from the crap we had at the canteen when I was at school … sausage rolls, pie and vegemite rolls … I wanna go back to school just for the burgers …

  6. Garry Frayne says:

    oops, sent a comment with out any details… sorry about that.

    Yum. Even my fussy kids would tuck in that!

    I wouldn’t of been able to resist not taking a bite whilst I set up to take the shot.

    You did well!

    Just hope that given you were in your studio that you didn’t have the Lycra on again….. Food and Lycra probably don’t mix……:)



  7. Stakky says:

    Well, that looks a heck of lot nicer than the stuff I have to deal with. Something tells me they don’t serve them up on rectangular glass plates, though. Wait… is this a public school? 🙂 Nice shots Fletch!

  8. Mel Hayward says:

    wow…. i wish my school lunches had looked that good. Like David, the exotic horseshoe vegemite roll was awesome …. although the step up was when they started doing vegemite / peanut butter toasties! No more peanut butter in school canteens now though either!

  9. Ben says:

    Where will your talents cease. Can you do some work for Jo at Bayswater canteen .

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