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PODAS Done and Dusted

7 Dec 2011 at 3:46pm

Well it’s over. I am typing this from my hotel room overlooking the flat landscape of Melbourne and feel a little buggered. PODAS was amazing and to say we all had a great time is an understatement. The whole thing went so smoothly, it was 5 star all the way and I do believe I have porked on a few extra kilos of executive muscle! But it doesn’t stop here. I am Meeting up with Nick Rains and his wife Janelle tomorrow in Tasmania to begin our Freycinet workshop. I get a couple of days to relax to recharge the batteries and we are into it. Home is a distant memory but I long to get back to see my family. Being away for 2 weeks is a bit too long for me. I could never be a FIFO worker.

This image was in a fantastic valley, actually there are fantastic valleys everywhere in NZ. I am itching to get back and spend some real time there and hatching some plans to relocate for a few months. It is a photographers paradise but to really get the shots you need to have time on the ground.

Jackie Rankin and Mike Langford, two extremely talented shooters showed us around and are just full of fun and great ideas. I really enjoyed my time with them. The big Kenny D became a good mate on this trip. He was great company and such a humble guy. What he has achieved in this industry is amazing and I really enjoyed all the man hugs he gave me! He is such a huge guy it’s like hanging with Chewbacca from Star Wars.

And I have some new mates too. My Phase one family, Ulf, Warren, Jacob and the big daddy of them all Kevin Raber. Kevin did an awesome job of organising the show and was a great motivator. He calls it Podas Bootcamp but we renamed it Po-daddy Bootcamp after Kev. He is a great shooter and really competitive, I explained I didn’t have a competitive bone in my body, as you know, and then fun and games started! I’m going to miss that american twang, even though half the time I didn’t know what the hell he was saying!! On ya Maaaaate!

So if you are thinking of going on a PODAS, do it. The value for money is incredible and people were saying, how are Phase doing this, it must be costing them a fortune. Great locations, great hotels, great company and the best camera system in the world.

I’ll be back! Well hopefully!!!

Mount Cook, it is so huge, you just can’t capture it. Missing it already.

Go to the PODAS Blog for more photos and cool stuff.

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  1. shane says:

    love the top image i like texture you have added as well the painted look :-

  2. mervfrench says:

    I’m hearing you about NZ.
    After going to Europe last year I’d go back to NZ anytime, even if I’ve already been there 8 times, I love the place and the people. The south is really conservative and I like that in todays mad world.

    Queenstown is the place for a photographic galley as Craig Potten closed his in Arrowtown. Your the man to do it !!!

    Hope to be back there in the New Year …. can’t wait.

    • mervfrench says:

      Podas actually sounds like good value for money to me.

      But I can see one big downside.

      After shooting with a Phase One for a week it would be like coming home to a compact to use the 5Dmk2 again. I’m not sure I could cope with that. đŸ™‚

    • Haydn Jones says:

      I guess it depends on where you went in Europe. I have just spent a few days in Switzerland. I wish I had a car and more time because it was one of the most spectacular places I have ever been to. A little video I edited up

  3. muzz says:

    Although the numbers look big when you see the cost, it’s easy to imagine that a lot of other holidays, particularly adventure holidays, would have similar prices so in fact when you factor in the tuition and gear rental it seems to represent good value for money (just a lot of money!). You’ve certainly done a good job of promoting it as a fun and exciting course and I’m sure that the PhaseOne hierarchy will be happy with their decision to make you a PODAS guru. Hopefully you’ll have some of them up in your galleries soon.

    I’m with Merv though – handing that puppy back after a week, looking into it’s big dark shiny eye while it begs you to take it home might just be too much to take. đŸ™‚

  4. Steve says:

    Merv and Muzz, actually it would be like living in Australia for a year and then coming back to the States! Yeah, it is really hard, but reality is brutal but unbiased.

    If I could swing the money, I’d set up a business in the Queenstown area and work towards residency so that then I could move to Australia permanently!!! Although not Dunsborough, some wanker already has that place staked out.

  5. tanya says:

    Amazing landscape, reminds me of Canada – especially that beautiful mountain! Love the top image . .can we have it in the Margs Gallery please ;o)

  6. congrats on a successful trip … sound like great value for $ but the hard part would be as said coming back to a canon 5d from a IQ60 … Not sure I could take it LOL ….

  7. Garry Frayne says:

    Great shots Christian. Particularly like the two little huts and moody sky.
    Seems you did end up with some “weather” after all.

    Been plenty of it back here too.

    Agree with the others, to come back to a standard DSLR such as the 5DMKII would be too much!

    Must go and buy that lotto ticket now so I can place that order for the Phase One!



  8. Thanks for a fantastic workshop Christian.
    Really enjoyed shooting with you.
    Thanks for sharing some good tips and encouraging me to take my photography to the next level.

  9. Jake says:

    Solid composition in this one Christian, totally agree with the ‘time on the ground’ comment. I’ve never had the pleasure of travelling NZ (the East Island) but after two weeks of moody, inclement weather one November in Tasmania I know what you mean.

    First comment after being a ‘inclement’ lurker.



  10. Jake says:

    Repost: My website link was wrong.

    Solid composition in this one Christian, totally agree with the ‘time on the ground’ comment. I’ve never had the pleasure of travelling NZ (the East Island) but after two weeks of moody, inclement weather one November in Tasmania I know what you mean.

    First comment after being a ‘inclement’ lurker.



  11. Pete Hodgson says:

    Hey Merv , Muzz and all the other Canon 5D2 shooters, i would agree coming back to using a Canon would be just down right disappointing, but if you came back to a Nikon it wouldn’t so bad eh (-:

  12. Haydn Jones says:

    Great lot of photographs Christian. Does it get very competitive between all the other photographers?

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