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Foto Freo Talk

28 Mar 2012 at 2:25pm

For those of you attending my talk next week for Foto Freo I will be showing how I arrived at several images. The shot below was taken on one of our South West Light trips with Peter Eastway, Tony Hewitt, Nick Rains, Les Walkling and Michael Fletcher. This image was in Bremmer Bay. Below is the before and after images.


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James Price Point Exhibition opening this Friday the 30th of March

28 Mar 2012 at 9:17am

The Power and The Passion exhibition comes to Perth after a successful showing in Broome. It features the images of renowned photographers such as Australian and West Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year Christian Fletcher, Adam Monk, Nigel Gaunt,Ingetje Tadros, Rod Hartvigsen, David Bettini, Fleming Bo Jensen, Jim Delios and featuring audio and visual by Jeff Skinner.

Come along and see why it is worth fighting for. Bring your friends and family. Be inspired and plan your own trip to see this “remarkable” piece of the Kimberley. I’ll be there to talk to people along with lots of the other photographers involved with the exhibition. It is going to be a great night.

Kicks off at 6.30 pm at the Perth Town Hall, Corner Barrack and Hay Street.

See you there.

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Victoria’s Alpine Region

26 Mar 2012 at 8:33pm

About two or so years ago I ventured into Victoria’s high country with Mark Stothard, Tom Putt, Neal Pritchard, Phil Back, Tony Middleton and Clint Baker. Was a great trip, we had fun from the moment Tommy picked us up at the airport! We got to Bright at 3am and decided on a couple of hours sleep before hitting the road looking for some photos to make.

The autumn colours are especially good in and around Bright. I would love to get back there soon, can never have to much colour!!

This is a focus stacked image using Helicon Focus. The only problem with these scenes is it one leaf moves you get some weirdness going on. Of course many leaves moved so the 100 % view has some slight issues. Still it is pretty good and will get a berth in the gallery at some stage.


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Canon 5D Mk3, Philip Bloom, and True North

17 Mar 2012 at 5:49pm


I have just been given Canon’s third upgrade to the 5D series the 5D mk3. On the 31st of March I’m taking this latest offering from Canon sticking it fair up the back end of a Kimberley wet season on True North and putting through it’s paces in one of the most trying of all environments, The cocktail bar on True North. Ok I may shoot a bit of the Kimberley and I may even give Philip Bloom a go if he is really nice to me. After all they did give the camera to me not him right? Phil’s going to have his C300 on the boat as well which I was allowed to hold last Sunday after his workshop. Pretty nice!!!!!

Anyway it looks like there are only three cabins left for trip one of the Kimberley so if you want to get on and be entertained and educated by one of the filmmaking worlds greatest treasures Me!!!!  you better hurry up. Oh yeah Philip Bloom is going to be on the boat too for those who are interested.

Should be a great trip and by all accounts the Kimberley is going to be putting on quite a show. I’ll be posting a review of the Mk3 when I get back showing side by side comparisons with the Mk2. Thats unless Philip beats me to it.

See you in the cocktail bar at 5pm.


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15 Mar 2012 at 10:15am

The Photographers cut of the Pilbara Project is now on at the Midland Railway worshops. Make sure you get down over the next few weeks to check out work from Tony Hewitt, Peter Eastway, Les Walkling and myself. Along with that is work from 56 other photographers from around the world including Art Wolfe. It is an epic exhibition.

Speaking of Art Wolfe. Make sure you get along to see him speak. All the details can be found here I will be there.

I had just received my brand new Datacolor Spyder 4 Elite unit to calibrate my two monitors. Well make that 4 monitors. It will actually correct your iphone and ipad too. How cool is that. I am going to do it later today so stay tuned for my thoughts.


All the photographs that are in the Pilbara Project exhibition are printed on possibly the sexiest paper I have ever used. Cansons Platine Fibre Rag. It is a cross between a matt paper and a semi gloss. It has a slight weave in it and prints so beautifully. Les Walkling made an awesome icc profile for it and I have now found my most favourite ever media. Benny from Team Digital is getting me a 17″ roll so I can print my APPA entries. Thanks to Canson and Kayell for their support with our exhibition.

Team Digital have just released a rechargeable battery for the Phase One 645DF body. I have one to trial but at last we have a solution for the battery issues. Thanks Team for finding this. Anyone with a Phase camera body will be wanting one of these.

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Fujifilm Australia’s Official Launch Presentation for the X-Pro 1

14 Mar 2012 at 4:26pm

This is a few weeks old now but I thought I may as well post it as everything has settled down since our very first post on the fuji X-Pro 1 melted our website.

This has been shot on the 5D mk2 which I have to point out so as to not misrepresent what the video was shot on. The X-Pro 1 is a fine camera but there wasn’t an option to shoot this on it.

Hope you enjoy.



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