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The Kimberley shot on Canons new 5D mk3

27 Apr 2012 at 3:22pm

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/41066419[/vimeo]I recently embarked on my ninth trip on the wonderful True North for trip 1 of the Kimberley season. This trip was a special one for me for two reasons.

Firstly I was filming with a brand new camera, the under rated 5D mk3 and secondly I was escorting the man I looked up to as my number one inspiration when I started out shooting video almost 5 years ago, Philip Bloom.

What could be better, having a new camera to play with and rubbing shoulders with a guy who brought along Canon’s flagship Video camera the C300, whilst taking in the stunning Kimberley scenery. It turns out that I got more than I bargained for on this trip but that is another story.

Well I have to say that the Kimberley wet didn’t quite fire whilst we where onboard but it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for getting the shots. I can remember telling Philip how pissed off I was that we kept getting these cloudless sunrises and sunsets. He looked at me and said it’s beautiful, clear blue skies, what more could you want. It’s obvious he’s from the mother country when blue sky comes around once in a while. Anyway you work with what you get dealt and this is the sum of what we got over the 7 days.

The 5D mk3 was a great highlight for me. Sure the image is soft out of the camera and even softer when you turn off all the sharpening but you can pull back a fair bit of this softness with some post sharpening. Not too much or you will start seeing issues again, but enough for you to realise that the moire and aliasing issues of the mk2 are almost gone. This is the game changer for me struggling to shoot landscapes with DSLR’s. Sure it would be great if it shot full HD 60fps but slow mo is like the new Timelapse fast mo. It’s great to have in moderation but not a whole film of slo mo…

Would I recommend the upgrade to the mk3 if still using a mk2 “Hells Yeah”. I had the opportunity to use my mk2’s in Shark Bay for two weeks whilst I was on holidays and could not bring myself to use them even though we had the most amazing skies. The mk3 is worth the investment for now. Cant say what I’ll be shooting in the future because new cameras are being released at an alarming rate and it looks like Canon have some interesting releases on the horizon. What to buy??

Now I have to mention my new found friend Philip and definitely his wonderful partner Sarah. Actually I’d rather talk about Sarah as she is totally cool and such a wonderful person. Philip is OK but he kept on bragging about how good his C300 was and how it was sooooo much better than the mk3. Well there are about 15000 reasons why it’s a better camera as we all know. It was great sport being looked down on by a man with obvious camera snobbery, actually Philip is quite tall so he looked down on me anyway. He is great fun to hang with and very funny. He doesn’t stop. I thought he was going to sit back and enjoy a bit of cruising but he didn’t stay still for more than 5 minutes. It was tiring just watching him.

The C300 was amazing from the footage Philip showed me and I can see why he had this just took a lolly from the baby look on him when the thing had a power glitch for half a day and was inoperable. He had to go back to the trusty old 5D3 and he wasn’t happy….hehe!!! Anyway he said it’s not the camera it’s the man…too true. OK I don’t actually think he said that.

I had a wonderful time with my new camera, Philip, Sarah, and all the passengers and crew on the mighty True North. It’s well worth the journey if you ever get the opportunity.

Too Philip and Sarah, thanks for making this trip so special for me. It’s not every day you meet your idol’s and they turn out to be really generous nice people. Cant wait until we can meet up again.

Hope you enjoy…..

Special Thanks to Canon Australia, Josh Grapes, Graham Carleton and Michelle Tuddenham for the chance to road test the mk3 in the field. Also thanks again to the owners of True North, Mark Stothard, Craig Howsen and General Manager Peter Trembath for the opportunity for one more trip on their wonderful vessel. (I thought I was done and dusted)

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  1. Just beautiful. The Kimberleys are now on my bucket list.

  2. Steve says:

    Nice advertisement, Michael!

    In fact it is so good, we don’t have to spend the money to take the cruise. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The only thing we are missing is the food and drink, which we can get for less than the $35,000 it would take to fly to Oz, get to Broome or Whyndham or wherever, take the cruise and return to the States.

    Tell your brother we’ll be going to New Zealand in 2013 instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Charlene says:

    Really nice work Michael! Jealous, of course!

  4. Very nice film as always Mike.
    I particularly liked some of more up tempo footage like the the imagery shot through the trees.
    Epic scenery that is for sure !

  5. Stakky says:

    The new sensor is great isn’t it? Just shooting around midland I found it so much better at highSO’s. The camera is totally underrated I reckon ๐Ÿ˜€ Awesome video Mikeman.

  6. Peta North says:

    Great work as usual Mike…

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