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Eagle Falls 2

11 Apr 2012 at 2:29pm

Another view of Eagle Falls after the rain stopped. We have been so lucky with the sky’s. Lots of  epic cloud.

We are cruising now after another awesome 5 star lunch. I think I am putting on weight!

p.s. I know the sky is blown out, practically looking into the sun. This is a good view of the falls and gives you an indication of the size of it.


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Eagle Falls Day 3

11 Apr 2012 at 8:56am

Yesterday we were at Eagle Falls. It is one of the most epic spots on the planet. Markie, Jen and I walked to the bottom of the falls to capture this shot. I don’t think anyone has ventured do there before. It is a bit of a rock climb and bush bash but worth the effort. There is a freshwater croc that lives in this waterhole and when you zoom in to this image you can see it sleeping on the rocks to the right. It is way bigger than it looks and a fall from the top would mean certain death. You might just notice the guy on the right of the waterfall who gives it some scale.

Just after walking back to the top the skies unleashed a huge rainstorm. We all got soaked but it was so nice. Markie had his brolly out but even he had to zip up the camera bag. It was that heavy. The Kimberley at this time is awesome. So humid and have had cloud everyday.

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Kimberley Storm

10 Apr 2012 at 9:38am

This was our sunrise this morning. We are anchored in a protected bay and the first help flights are leaving for our day out at Eagle Falls. Looks like we are going to get some interesting light. Markie and I are planning on an epic walk to below the falls to get a different perspective. Looking forward to it.

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True North 2012 is ON !!!

10 Apr 2012 at 8:20am

These are some images from the first 24 hours on True North. We have had some amazing sunsets and sunrises, this morning being especially good with a huge rain front sweeping past the boat. Markie Stothard and I have been clicking away and it is a brilliant start to the trip. The water is flowing, not too much not too little. Anyway you can see from the photo.

We had a moonset on the first morning, I decided to go the Murray Fredericks style minimalist approach.

More Fredericks inspired landscapes. It is Eagle Falls today. There is epic cloud everywhere, we will be in for a good day!


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The Canon 5D mk3

9 Apr 2012 at 7:04am

I was fortunate enough to be given a 5D mk3 to trial from Canon Australia whilst touring the Kimberley with Philip Bloom. I must admit I was kind of bummed when the camera was released and didn’t have the features that we where hoping for to make it as revolutionary to the industry as the Mark 2. I must admit that as videographers we are possibly expecting too much these days as you only have to go back four years and the price of all this technology was way out of most peoples budget.

It doesn’t shoot at higher resolution, doesn’t shoot super slow mo frame rates (only 60fps,50fps @ 720p), but what it does do that the old mk2 doesn’t do is far better.

Moire and aliasing is no longer visible. Yes the image looks soft out of the camera as everything is turned off including sharpening but when you add back the sharpening in post the image just pops. All those clips I have shot over the years of water, complex landscape scenes, show no artefacts which spoil footage and make it unusable. This is far more important than 60 fps at 1080P.

Audio is now a dream with a headphone jack and a monitor on the back of the screen with the ability to change levels whilst you are shooting.

Build quality has improved also. The camera looks and feels more solid and weather sealed. I had it at the King George falls getting hammered by spray (sorry Canon) and it didn’t even look like it was going to have an issue.

I’ll post a video soon of the Kimberley shot entirely on the Mk3. The images from this camera are awesome and I now have to find a home for my two old 5D mk2’s as I am happily moving on to the new kid on the block. The Mk3 is worth every cent spent on an upgrade. It has every great feature of the 5D mk2 and more and delivers what we need the most when shooting a job, IMAGE QUALITY…..

I’ll post more when I get the time. Right now I’m off on a well earnt two week vacation. Without the mk3 sadly boo hoo!!!!!


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9 Apr 2012 at 6:36am

Just a quick word of thanks for everyone for their support over the past week. A very unfortunate event has had the best possible outcome and I am proud to have played a small part in it. To Tara who showed strength and composure throughout the whole ordeal and of course Alan who without a doubt saved Tara’s life, you guys where the hero’s.

Northstar cruises have conducted these adventure holidays in the Kimberley for 25 years without an incident and their commitment to safety has always been paramount.  Risk mitigation is first and foremost on their minds and of course this last week will ensure that further steps are taken to continue their exemplary safety standard. The Kimberley is a dangerous environment and comes with obvious risks. Without accepting such risks I believe travel through this region would not be possible.

To the owners of Northstar cruises, Craig Howsen, Mark Stothard, General Manager Peter Trembath, Captain Brad Benbow, and of course all the crew (too many to mention) thank you for the opportunity to visit this amazing wilderness. This event whilst never wishing to have to go through again will never stop me from wanting to join you for many more adventures into the Kimberley. I have the utmost confidence in the vessel, the crew, and the highest safety standards you insist on which keeps thousands of people safe whilst travelling with you around this wonderful country of ours and beyond.


Mike Fletcher

(The Video Guy)

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My Brother the Hero

3 Apr 2012 at 10:46am

A couple of days ago my brother Michael and one of the crew members on True North, Al, rescued another crew member, Tara Hawkes, from a croc. I was lying in bed reading when a call came through from Mark Stothard. I was amazed and proud of Michael for getting in there and helping free the girl. It isn’t something you would contemplate doing until you are in that situation, but it must have taken considerable courage for both guys to do what they did. It sounded horrific but bloody hell these guys are heros.

Michael has been on True North Filming the epic Kimberley coastline with renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom. He got Bloomie on the boat to show him the wild untamed North West and ended up seeing the wild bit first hand. I will let Michael recount the story in full when he returns home, it isn’t everyday you wrestle a croc!

Apparently Tara was amazing and well composed after the event and a very courageous girl herself.

As for a True North cruise on the Kimberley coast, do it. It is still the best trip you will ever do. They have been sailing these waters for more than 20 years so they have heaps of experience. This was a freak occurrence and they are still trying to work out how a croc got into that waterhole. It may have been an extra large king tide or the effects of a cyclone that allowed the croc to get that high out of the salt water and up the river. Thanks god they have a helicopter on board so getting to help is almost as quick as an ambulance ride. If you were out there without one things could be different. But that is the beauty of such a remote region, it is wilderness and it is unbelievable. The only problem is everything bites up there!


I’m proud of you bro, you have proved you are someone you can count on if the going gets tough. Now just don’t get any ideas about a tv show with crocodiles. That has been done!

Steve Irwin would have been proud.


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full sized image from the X-pro1

2 Apr 2012 at 3:16pm

Fuji shot on a Fuji

Go to my flickr page to see this image at full res. The quality is pretty darned good. Don’t ask me for a RAW file, you won’t be able to convert it yet, well as far as I know.



The production model of this x-pro1 is even better than the pre production model I used a month or so back. Pretty impressed.


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