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Heading to Melbourne for APPA

10 May 2012 at 9:01pm

I was thinking about APPA this year being held in Melbourne and I just subliminally ventured on to some images I had taken there on a previous trip. I know this isn’t my usual fare but it was fun anyway. I went to my first PMA about 5 years ago. This year they have asked me to do a presentation. How times have change for me. Joining the AIPP was the best thing I have done for my photographic career.


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  1. I like this one CF. Hope to see you there.


  2. This reminds me a lot of this image by Andreas Gursky: http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2001/gursky/montparnasse_pop.html

    He sells his stuff for millions, so hey, maybe you’re onto something 🙂

    PS: I think I like your version better…

  3. Sheldon says:

    Have fun mate and good luck!

  4. Tom Putt says:

    That’s when you first met me!

    Perhaps that’s why your life has only got better???


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