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  1. Steve says:

    So mate, will we be seeing the top image in some vineyard advertisement? On second thought5, I guess I’ll have to come up with one myself. Hmmmmm, what shall I name the wine?

    By the way, the invitation is still open for you and Nick to visit here to see REAL autumn foliage!

  2. haha Steve, Nick and I were just discussing it earlier in the day. See we are thinking of you mate! I can here your voice in the back of my head, “come here to see some REAL colour!!

    • Steve says:

      Yup, free accommodation on a small lake for you, Nick, Jen, Janelle, and all the kids, the use of one of our cars, and when you are with us, home-cooked meals. That and the best foliage in the world (just ask Peter Lik!).

      All it takes is a few $ and the time to see New England (not in NSW!). I could even see if my brother in law would take us out on one of his cruise boats in picturesque Marblehead harbor (not harbour). He owes me big time.

  3. Cleggy says:

    A couple of great shots there mate, can’t wait for the exhibition.

  4. I LOVE the open space in your top image Christian. Keep breaking all those rules hey !!!!

    We are nearly home …. I’m looking forward (after unpacking and cleaning all the red dust from everything !) to diving into looking and playing with my images over the next couple of months…and publishing my book of them and my poems and writing 🙂 !!


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