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The Fujifilm X-Pro1 loves Melbourne

28 May 2012 at 1:24pm

I had a full day to myself today so I decided to walk the town and see what I could find. I just love this sort of shooting. The light was perfect for what I wanted to do.

Tonight is the awards night, I won’t come away a winner but everyone who enters learns something about their work and themselves. Peter Eastway is on cloud nine. He got a higher score than me and thats all he needed to do to put me in my place. Still as he tells me, “it’s just a game!!” The best thing is Tony Hewitt beat him so I’m on cloud nine! Rainsy came away with 3 silvers and would have done better if he hadn’t listened to me. The one of his that got 79 was the one I said he had to enter. Sorry mate. What do I know!


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  1. This was my first time entering APPA! Submitted four photos in landscape category and my best score was 75! I got a bit disappointed but hey maybe that is not to bad!

    By the way, loved to see those huge prints made with X-Pro 1 on DigitalShow! Very well done.

    • Hi Aryan, don’t be too disheartened about your scores, last year Peter Eastway got the same results. This year he beat me, it all goes around. Some times luck goes your way, other times it goes against you. The main thing is to learn, and there can only be one winner so everyone else is in the same boat with you. Start working on next years now, I am!!

      • Thank you so much for encouraging me, really appreciate it mate. I will do my best for the next year for sure! Will need to learn more and more from guys like you. Cheers,

  2. Nice work. Much as I’m enjoying the red wheelie bin, I think the grizzly fiend at the top is the winner. A much deserved break after fulfilling your ambassadorial duties. You and Mr Coyne must be doing something right – every second person at the show seemed to be touting an X-Pro1.

    (BTW – Do you like how we organised things for your shoot today? Gave the city a nice rinse on the weekend to get rid of all the rubbish and then set up a great big soft box of clouds today. I dunno why people complain about the Melbourne weather…)

    • I like that one too Stuart. Tell fuji will you!! same story as here but add more details about how hard we work for them!!!

      I think you have been very kind organising the light for me, but I want to know who it was that gave me the cold!!! I can’t smell or taste all that great Melbourne food. And cheap at that. I’m so used to paying Gina Rinehart prices in WA.

  3. Dan Scott says:

    Hey mate hows it going over there.
    Nice shots, fuji is definately onto a winner with this camera. I still really enjoy shooting the x100, but might look at upgrading to the next model in the Pro1 series way down the track. Have you any intrest in testing out some M glass on it?

    • yeah if I can get the Leica mount when it comes out I’d love to try it. Still the Fuji lenses are still pretty damned fine.
      It’s cold here mate, need some of that WA sunshine!

  4. Pete Hodgson says:

    Had a ball shooting this sort of stuff myself earlier this year in Melbourne. Like them all but the bin shot is a stand out. Best bin shot I’ve seen so far. Congrats on your APPA awards as well. Looking forward to seeing the overall results this year.

    • thanks Pete, glad you like the bin shot, I like it and had to cross a busy street in Melbourne to shoot it. It is so much more special because I took my own life in my hands! I’m so brave.

  5. Is that Jeff Moorfoot gazing out at you in that first shot??

  6. Too funny. I went to school with Jeff down there in Melbourne (he was “mature age” even then). Appears to have stirred up a real hornets nest on his facebook page. Seems like everyone has something to say about the APPAs. Well done by the way. 2 silver and 2 silver distinction is non too shabby. Soon you’ll be a hall of famer!

    • I had a look at his facebook page, some great comments on there. Yep can’t be too unhappy about my results. Unfortunately Peter Eastway beat me so do you think I will hear the end of it?

      • You’re just lucky he’s in Iceland, otherwise you’d really know about it. Spare a thought for the poor buggers he’s with over there: “APPA-what?” “Christian who?” “Why do you mention these things so many times, Mr Eastway?”

  7. Justin says:

    Interesting…Many interesting places in Melbourne… Fuji has some decent equipment…


  8. I think these images are great Christian!

    Are you sure you didn’t just “drop in” the rubbish bin ??? hehehehe 🙂


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