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Bremer Bay Sand dunes

22 Jun 2012 at 9:17am

This is one I shot during a south west light trip to Bremer Bay. Taken late afternoon on the trusty Phase One 645DF with the IQ180 back. I converted the file to B&W in photoshop trying to keep some punch in it. I kind of like the sun flare and the cloud, what do you think?

I seem to be on a black and white bender at the moment.


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Intuos 5, how sweet it is!!

19 Jun 2012 at 9:08am

The other day Ben from Team Digital dropped off my new Wacom Intuos 5. I have an old “blue” Wacom tablet that I have used for years. It was the thing I used for most of my career to edit my photos. Of course then along came the Wacom Cintiq which is the most beautiful bit of kit on the planet! I now use that for everything.

However when I’m on the road I can’t take the Cintiq. So the next best thing is the Wacom Intuos 5. It is the perfect size for travelling and will do everything you want in regard to fine detailed retouching. What was apparent to me straight up was it is just like using the Cintiq except it isn’t a screen. I am so impressed with it already I have to question why I took so long to upgrade!

Now I am looking forward to my next trip away when I can give this girl a good playing with!!! That will be next month in Port Douglas. BTW Nick Rains and I still have a few spots left for this workshop. Go to www.nickrains.com to get all the details. Great excuse to escape the winter drudgery !


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Autumn Colours of Bright

15 Jun 2012 at 3:35pm



As promised, here is a short piece on the autumn colours around Bright in Victoria’s high country. I missed most of the good colours as I couldn’t get there any earlier so it was a bit disappointing. Also only had one full day to shoot so finding locations at short notice proved a bit challenging. I definitely will head back there again.

Shot using the Canon 5D mk3 and featuring a heap of dolly shots from my Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly…

Edited in Premiere Pro CS5.

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Bright Autumn Colours Video Coming

13 Jun 2012 at 12:13am

Having recently visited Bright in Victoria for a trip to capture the autumn colours, I have gone to town using a new piece of kit that was graciously given to me by the man who’s name is scribbled all over it. Yep get ready for dolly mayhem as I show off the awesome moves of the Philip Bloom Signature Pocket Dolly. First I need to thank Philip and Eric Kessler again for creating such a well built piece of kit  and secondly for Philip giving me his one after we finished the Kimberley trip on “True North”, something I was totally blown away by. Very generous indeed.

This trip was the first opportunity I had to use the dolly and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the first clips from the shoot. I had made my own dolly/slider a few years back. It cost me over $ 300,  was extremely heavy, didn’t move smoothly and was constantly binding up. The precision that this slider has is amazing.

Anyway I’m just uploading the video to Vimeo so it will be available to view soon. In the meantime check out the PB Pocket Dolly for yourself here.

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We’ve got Eggs

11 Jun 2012 at 9:09pm

One of our chickens has recently started laying eggs, very cool as we have had her for 6 months now and she is starting to earn her keep.

I also downloaded an ipad app called Sketchbook Ink and drew a picture of our little Parmigiana! (Actually she looks nothing like this but don’t mention it to her)

It is a way cool app as it allows you to export the drawings in high res so you can make a pretty reasonable print. I just emailed the drawing to myself, added a texture and a bit of a vignette and there you have it. A good way to waste an hour of your life. I think for clever artists this sort of technology is brilliant, someone with real talent could make lots of drawings email them to the printer all whilst sipping cocktails around a poolside bar in a tropical paradise. Where do I sign???

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Another Sugarloaf Rock Photo

5 Jun 2012 at 3:40pm

Yes Sugarloaf again. I haven’t ever done a black and white version, I think!

I was there on Sunday morning with Markie Mark Stothard and Ian Wise. It was blowing a bit but the promise of a nice sunrise made up for it. We did get some nice colour in the end but I chose Black and White, go figure!  It was a fun morning out. I chose this angle because I didn’t want Sugarloaf to be the main subject. The rocks in between are still very photogenic.

I like this take and will be printing up a large version some time this week for the gallery.


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Tony Hewitt Masterclass

1 Jun 2012 at 10:43am


Tony Hewitt, AIPP Grand Master Photographer, Hon Fellow AIPP, and Denis Glennon AO, Member AIPP  present the first of their very successful Masterclass series for 2012.

The venue again is Rottnest Island – one of Western Australia’s jewels of nature.

DATE:  Fri 15th, Sat 16th & Sun 17th June 2012, when we can enjoy the smaller crowds and photography in the different weather patterns of the island’s winter season.

Click here for all the details

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