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Photography in the Forest

26 Sep 2012 at 11:58am

Wendy Slee has organised a day to photograph Helms Forest near Nannup. I’m going with my family this Sunday and hope to get some nice images that will help to bring awareness to potential logging of the area. I’ll be available to offer some tips to shooting in the forest and improving your photography skills in general. If you feel like a great Sunday out enjoying the forest with your family come along. See Wendy’s info below for more details. Hope to see lots of photographers there.

Attention Lovers of Photography and Nature!
Bring your cameras, and your eye for beauty, and pack a picnic for a day in the forest. Meet the white-tailed and red-tailed cockatoos at the Jamarri sanctuary – birds who will be released to this very forest once their wellbeing is restored and who depend on the centuries-old trees there for their habitat.

Be part of a visual protest over the planned destruction of an old growth forest that is home to our endangered black cockatoos and other birds and wildlife.
Through your lens, bring the forest to the rest of the world’s attention, and through our collective exhibition, let’s show our government why they must not log Helms forest and why it should be preserved for the wellbeing of our native flora and fauna and for future generations to enjoy, rather than being turned into firewood or woodchips.
Your images will be a record of this beautiful forest for ever.

Please register your interest here on the page below.
I hope to have this event repeated for two weekends, Sunday 30th September and Sunday 7th October, so that everyone who wishes to do so, can visit the forest and see the cockatoos and capture some images.

The plan is to meet at Jamarri – the Pattersons home and sanctuary to the black cockatoos, at 11am. They are in lot 41 Johnston Road, Jalbarragup – I have posted some maps on the wall.

From there, we will drive out to the forest.
However, should anyone wish to have an early photo shoot… (sunrise or just after). let me know and we can meet in the forest early, and be at the sanctuary at 11am to meet with everyone else.

I am hoping that while at Jamarri, if at all possible we can each make a small donation to the Pattersons – when you see the work they do, with no outside assistances, you will be more than happy to help – I might have a donation box there, or even a small raffle ……I am working on that idea!!!

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  1. Steve says:

    Foresting, done right, is a vital part of habitat maintenance and preservation. Done wrong, it is a disaster, plain and simple. While (or whilst if you prefer) in Tassie, we saw both extremes.

    Old growth foresting has no place in proper harvesting of wood for whatever purpose. High yield, quick growth varieties of timber are available. The only legitimate reasons for logging in old growth forests are to remove the already dead wood (thus lessening fire danger) and to remove diseased trees before a forest becomes irrevocably sick.

    Good luck mate and we hope you have every success!

  2. wayne says:

    Now on the RSS feed so I don’t miss these opportunities!

    As a conservationist and someone who loves to look through the lens, I’ll keep my eyes open for the next one.

    [not wanting to get into an argument with anyone but: there is plenty of room for letting the forests be, a bit of room for forestry and no room for native species logging in WA. Its an outdated and unnecessary practice ]

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