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New Zealand Photographs

23 Dec 2013 at 9:38am

New Zealand Photographs


Ahh New Zealand, You just can’t miss. Just point your camera East, south, north or west and you have a great shot.
This was taken on a wet day just out of Wanaka. I wasn’t expecting anything as it was thick cloud. Just goes to show you have to stick around just in case something happens.
Phase One IQ180, 80mm Schneider Lens.

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2016 – The Shark Bay Exhibition

29 Nov 2013 at 12:06pm

2016 – The Shark Bay Exhibition



So what is this 2016 thing all about. Well, it is an exhibition and project the ND5 boys are putting together the final result being a celebration of our photography coinciding with the 400 year anniversary of the first landing by the Dutch in Shark Bay.

2016 – Inscriptions is the first exhibition and is an aerial expose of the amazing Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

We have some of the biggest names in landscape photography in Australia involved including Peter Eastway, Tony Hewitt (current Australian Photographer of the year), Les Walkling, Michael Fletcher and of course me. Notice I save the best for last!!!

This is some of our best work to date after three years of travelling together and putting on Exhibitions. Well worth a look and maybe a purchase as these limited edition exclusive prints will be collectors items, ………..after we are dead anyway!

So here are the important details-

Opening night 9th of December 6-8pm.
Exhibition from the 5th – 31st of December.
Linton & Kay Galleries.
The Old Perth Technical School.
1/137 St Georges Tce, Perth.

RSVP is essential, you can not just rock up. There is a licence for only 350 people so you must email perth@lintonandkay.com.au

All the boys will be there to talk about there work and answer any question on a technical or artistic note. The opening night will also feature a preview of Michaels documentary of the making of  “2016 – Inscriptions”

If you are in other states, don’t worry we are planing of touring this exhibition with the first date being in Bribane in February 2014. We are also talking about a one day seminar as we haven’t done anything there yet.

See you on opening night, don’t forget the date, the 9th of December, and don’t forget to book your spot.


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Karijini and Kununurra 2014 Workshops just announced

23 Oct 2013 at 9:52am

Karijini and Kununurra 2014 Workshops just announced

Pete Eastway, Tony Hewitt and myself are again running our hugely popular Karijini workshop in April 2014. Because of the success of this style of workshop we are now also planning to do a similar workshop this time in Kununurra. So we will have the Pilbara and Kimberley regions both covered for those wanting to escape the colder months.

However this time it is different, this time we have the Australian Photographer of the Year along. Yes thats right Tony Hewitt as you may have heard took out all the major photography awards this year. He is the greatest Landscape photographer to have ever been to Karijini with us! How could you not learn from this guy. How do you think Pete and I get good images, we look at what Tony does. All jokes aside, you will be hard pressed to find a better instructor anywhere in the world better than our Tony Tone.

As for Peter Eastway, he has won the Professional Photographer of the year 3 times, count em, that is THREE times! The guy is a god when it comes to Landscape photography, he also has some of the worst jokes ever told in recent history. Be prepared to be inspired, to laugh and to learn from the second best photographer to ever walk the dusty tracks of Karijini.

Then there is me, humble, quiet, polite and happy to be runner up to these two blokes. Sure I have galleries and the best job in the world selling landscape photographs but do I have the trophy for the Australian Photographer of the year? NO. So what will you get from me? There is only one word to describe that,…………….. PURE  AWESOMENESS, ok thats two words.  And that is me being humble!

So join us on one or both of these epic adventures. Before you know it YOU will be Australian Photographer of the year and Pete, Tone and myself will be flipping burgers at Macdonalds.







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Shark Bay Exhibition coming soon

18 Oct 2013 at 12:43pm

Shark Bay Exhibition coming soon

SB1167Ph 450

Well the date is set, the prints are being made and exhibition 1 of our “2016” series is about to be launched. This exhibition is a culmination of work from the latest ND5 collaboration. Les Walkling, Tony Hewitt, Michael Fletcher, Peter Eastway and myself are looking forward to putting on another show.

All the details to be released soon. You won’t want to miss this…… (Peter will be there in some cheap suit!)


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‘Spring’ Fujifilm X-M1

4 Sep 2013 at 7:12am

‘Spring’ Fujifilm X-M1


Fuji have brought out another killer compact camera with interchangeable lenses and as my brother was singing it’s praises when taking still photographs I thought I’d grab his one for a couple of hours and do some shooting with it in video mode.

‘Spring’ is the result of a couple of hours walking around with the camera without a tripod putting the camera through it’s paces. It has to be said that Fuji are not pushing the video functionality of these very small cameras as is evident of the lack of shooting options in the camera which is OK! They are not trying to compete with other manufacturers in relation to video.

The Fuji X-M1 shoots full HD 1920×1080 at 30fps (NTSC) and the vision is plagued by aliasing, moire, and other artefacts as you would expect from a camera primarily designed to shoot awesome still photographs. I knew it wasn’t going to be anything compared to my C300 so I went out to try to be creative with the tools I had.

I have to say to be shooting with no tripod, no backpack full of gear, no dolly, no crane, or even a second lens was the most enjoyable shooting experience I have had for a long time. The fact that you can fit the camera easily in one hand means if you see something you want to shoot your more likely to stop because of the ease of it all. Also the compact nature of this camera as well as a great flip out lcd screen allowed you to place the camera in angles and spots you could never do easily with my C300 or 5D’s for that matter.

So is it worth even turning on the camera to shoot video? It’s not the cameras strength but if you use a bit of creativity you can create nice little web based shorts with it. So don’t discount it as a tool to shoot video.

Sometimes it’s not all about how great your gear is.



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Born to Fly – Shot on the Canon 1Dc

22 Aug 2013 at 12:17pm

Born to Fly – Shot on the Canon 1Dc



This is a short piece I put together as a bit of a fool around with the Canon 1Dc and Canon Cine Prime CN-E 50mm t1.3 lens. Saul at Camera Electronics was good enough to lend me this camera to try out. Graeme Carlton at Canon also gave me three of Canon’s Cinema Primes to try out also. Now I just need to find some money so I can buy all this great gear.


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Thoughts on the Canon 1Dc 4K beast

21 Aug 2013 at 12:59pm

Thoughts on the Canon 1Dc 4K beast


I have always wondered about the image from Canon’s not so new now 4k video shooting DSLR the 1Dc and thanks to Saul at Camera Electronics I have finally been able to see first hand how it stacks up.

To give you a bit of background I currently own two 5D mk2’s, one 5D mk3 and a C300. As a videographer I’m constantly trying to capture vision with as much quality as I can afford. Unfortunately for me I go through periods where I just cant get excited about the quality of the footage that I have taken. Pixel peeping drives me nuts. I’m constantly fussing over a lack of sharpness here or too much digital noise over there etc etc. Also in the editing suite I stress about how badly footage breaks down when you try to push the limits of the recording compressions.

Why cant shooting video be like capturing a still image and working it in Photoshop with all that information in the RAW image to manipulate?

I guess it can be if you have the brass to shell out on cameras like the Red Epic, Sony F55, or Arri Alexa. For most of us this isn’t an option so we have to deal with what our budgets allow.

Which brings me to the 1Dc. Has it got me all gushy about the image coming out of it? Not really. I think the problem is I am comparing it to my C300. Had I been comparing it to the 5Dmk2 or mk3 it would be different but the image is so close to the C300 I was a little disappointed. The lure of a 4k-motion jpeg image made me excited with anticipation to the possibilities of having double the resolution of any thing else I had ever shot. I guess it’s a testament to the quality Canon has got from the C300’s Super 35mm full HD sensor.

Canon 1Dc #2

Ok so the 1Dc image is nice and I think slightly better than the C300 in my honest opinion and without comparing it to the other Canon DSLR range I’m sure it is the king of video image content for DSLR’s. The vision is recorded using the same Canon log capture as is with the C300. This gives good compatibility when shooting the two cameras together on the same project. Dynamic range seems comparable to the C300 and there is definitely less digital noise present than is with the C300. This may have something to do with camera settings such as ISO so please don’t take this as any real technical assessment of both cameras. I’m sure someone who really knows the camera may be able to shed light on the best way to maximise this cameras features.

It’s a DSLR so the ergonomics are different to cameras like the C300. It’s been a while since I have used a DSLR for shooting video so it was like “yeah that’s right, I cant look through the view finder to shoot and help stabilize a hand held shot, and I cant flip or tilt the LCD when I’m doing a low angle shot”. It’s so nice using a dedicated video camera but you know what, I’d take image quality over ergonomics and functionality any day because there is always a work around to complete the job.

1Dc #2

One thing I like about this camera, which would make me consider it ahead of a C300, if I didn’t already own one, is the ability to shoot full HD 1920×1080 vision at 60fps. The C300 can only achieve this at the lower resolution of 1280×720. This frustrates me immensely. In actual fact I feel both cameras should be able to offer even higher frame rates but hey I’m not a Canon tech guy, I’m just the video guy who has no technological knowledge and doesn’t want to know about that stuff. I just want a camera that shoots vision that I want to see.

Ok so the vision from the camera is nice. Better than a C300 just, it shoots higher frame rate full HD footage, it can take high quality still images not to mention over 4096 x 2160 pixel still images straight from the footage, is full frame and can also shoot a high quality super 35mm crop. Perfect for videographers and photographers shooting weddings and other events. It shoots 4k, internally to CF card, no other camera on the market does that yet I think, as well as a number of different resolutions right down to Standard Definition. It’s compact, lightweight and can also be used to shoot timelapses. You can hand operate stabilizers like the Glidecam 2000 and 4000 without breaking your arm and it leaves more room in your camera bag for the all important lenses.


What it doesn’t have is professional Audio terminals, flip monitor, EVF viewfinder, 4:2:2 recording in Full HD (4K only), built in ND filters, Vectorscopes, Zebra Stripes, Peaking, Audio monitoring, all the things that make life a hell of a lot easier when making short films or documentaries. It’s also only 8 Bit but so is the C300.  10 Bit recording would be nice on both cameras.

One thing the 1Dc does do is chews up hard drives when shot in 4K. You have to way this up when most of your delivery format is going to be on-line. It’s very hard to tell the difference between 4k and Full HD on Vimeo so 4K may only be of use for future proofing your work when the technology becomes mainstream and it certainly will eventually.  You also have to upgrade your CF cards to faster recording types with larger capacities just to capture the same amount of footage a smaller cheaper card could handle in Full HD. This is quite an expensive proposition but as anything prices will fall.

So the big question for me is would I buy a 1Dc?

The answer is absolutely, however I would look at what I do most and make a decision between the 4K quality on offer, how I can benefit from having it, and wether the extra spend to get a camera like the C300 with all it’s in built features, is the way to go.

Luckily for me I don’t have to make this decision as I bought my C300 long before the 1Dc hit our shelves.

Let me finish up with one really important point and I have to remind myself of this fact from time to time. A better camera is not going to make you a better photographer or filmmaker. I have seen many people with new amazing gear producing pretty average work (me included).  The reliance on quality over content is missing the point. If what you have shot doesn’t connect with your intended audience then you may as well of shot it all on an iPhone.

Good quality crap is still crap when you get down to it. But then again I’m just saying that because I cant afford a C500.


TVG (The Video Guy)

p.s. I’m posting a short video I shot with the 1Dc and Canon’s flagship Cinema Prime lenses soon. Stay tuned

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