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South West Light Melbourne

31 Jan 2013 at 9:19pm

South West Light Melbourne


An image from our recent South West Light shoot. This one was taken on the very first day at a place called Stoney Hill in Albany.

Don’t forget the boys from ND5 are putting on the SWL Event in Melbourne on the 17th of Feb. Not long left to book in.

Five of Australias top image makers together to share their ideas, their knowledge and their passion for everything Landscape.

Les Walkling
Tony Hewitt
Michael Fletcher
Peter Eastway
Christian Fletcher

To book go to

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This week I will publish images from our south west light project

24 Jan 2013 at 9:08pm

This week I will publish images from our south west light project

Here is the first image.

SWP0016Ph swl


Shot at Elephant Rocks in Denmark. I will be heading down there tomorrow. Hope to get some good light and revisit this place.

If you come along to the South West Light Event in Melbourne I will show you how I edited this image.

South West Light


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A new look at Sugarloaf Rock

17 Jan 2013 at 11:53am

A new look at Sugarloaf Rock



I think this might be a new look at Sugarloaf Rock? What do you think?

It prints nicely. Everyone on our last Bunker Bay workshop got one as proof that there are other angles at Sugarloaf to be had.

Shot on the new Schneider 240mm for my Phase One. It is an unbelievably good lens. So sharp and my new favourite.



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South West Light is on the move

16 Jan 2013 at 12:18pm

South West Light is on the move

Six Photographers - One Vision

Six Photographers – One Vision


Hi everyone. Well if you live on the East coast and missed South West Light we are now bringing it to you.

First is Melbourne the details are as below.
Date – Sunday the 17th of February
Location – State Library of Victoria, Village Roadshow Theatrette, Entry 3, 179 La Trobe Street, Melbourne
Go to the link to book. Get in early for this one.


The second one is in Sydney on the 7th of April 2013
We will confirm the venue soon for that event.


Dr Les Walkling – Colour management, contemporary art photography and printing.

Tony Hewitt – Inspiration, vision, creativity.

MIchael Fletcher – The South West Light Documentary – full screening.

Christian Fletcher – Fletch’s Freaky Photoshop

Peter Eastway – Layers for creating photographs.

Please book your place here! We will email you with confirmation and more details.

Presented by Ninety Degrees Five (ND5)

There is an early bird special for both events so make sure you book as soon as possible.
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Awesome clouds from last weekend

10 Jan 2013 at 9:37pm

Awesome clouds from last weekend



This was the cloud hanging over Dunsborough last weekend. Just when I thought it was the end of the world there was the simmos icecream van. The kids and I indulged and the world went on.

Phase One 645Df, IQ180 digital Back, 80mm Schneider lens


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Strange Cloud hanging over the bay

9 Jan 2013 at 7:08pm

Strange Cloud hanging over the bay

Geographe Bay

Geographe Bay


Had some great cloud around last week. Mark Stothard and I were shooting Castle Rock when this cloud appeared. Weird one, anyone know the name of this sort of cloud?

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Port Hedland Landscape Workshop

7 Jan 2013 at 10:15pm

Port Hedland Landscape Workshop

PH8882PhP PH8883Ph x

Nick Rains and I are heading to Hedland on an altered landscape exploration Workshop! If you are up for some different shooting material this is the place for you. I rate it as one of the best places to shoot something interesting. More details to come but if your keen drop me a line.


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