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  1. Peter says:

    Any chance of an Android version hitting the shelves in the near future?

  2. Nick Rains says:

    No android version, sorry, but all much of the Photique content will also available as normal PDFs from the website, these are for other platforms. The Android OS does not support the sorts of interactivity we use for the ipad version, when it does, we will do an Android version.

  3. Jules says:

    Intrigued I followed it up CF but it’s only available as an IPAD App not iphone. Well at least that what my itunes account is telling me. Sounds interesting though…
    Cheers Jules

  4. Nick Rains says:

    Hi Guys. Yes it’s an iPad app. It works on all iPads including the mini, although the iPad1 might have trouble rendering some of the interactive elements. It can be used on an iPhone but being essentially ebooks and tutorials it would be too small to realistically be useful. Images on the iPad look awesome, we can render them 4000px wide without scaling so on the retina display they are super-crisp.

    • Jules says:

      Hi Nick,

      I have an iphone with the latest software update IOS 6.0.1 and itunes won’t allow me to add it to my iphone. So to avoid further confusion for the punters out there it would be good for everyone that promotes the App to state clearly which device it is for, ie an IPAD App. Saves a lot of drama for folks out there with silly conversations like this one. Cheers Jules

  5. Nick Rains says:

    Good point Jules. it does clearly say on the iTunes Store page (Requirements : IPad iOS4 and above) that it is an iPad app but it would be good to say the same thing in promotional blurbs too.
    We can do an iPhone version, in fact we have a working prototype, but it’s an informational app not a functional one and so works far better on the big screen.

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