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Back to my Roots

13 Mar 2013 at 8:59am

Back to my Roots



This has quickly become a popular image in my galleries. This storm was heading straight for Dunsborough but at the last moment headed east towards Capel. It formed a mini tornado that cut a swath of destruction just south of the town. If you are driving down south you will see it just the southern end of Capel on the South West Highway.

I was with Nick Rains and my brother when this shot was taken.

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  1. Very nice, lovely colours, particularly that one half is cool and the other is warm. I remember driving down the next week and seeing all this debris all over the place. Must have been quite a storm.

    Hope you’ve been keeping well, CF!

    • cfletcher says:

      it is amazing the damaged it caused. I was hoping it came over us and it was heading our way. Just lucky it didn’t in hind sight. All good here Paul, all the best to the family.

  2. Tim Wootton says:

    Great image Christian, I can see why it is popular!

    • cfletcher says:

      thanks Tim, we have a high gloss on Aluminium being done atm so interested to see how that comes up.

  3. Clint Baker says:

    WOW….. love it mate!!, bout time you got back to your roots!! keep these coming!!

  4. Cleggy says:

    Sweet shot mate,what are the stats on this shot???

    • cfletcher says:

      IQ180 single capture cropped to a pano, 28mm Phase lens, 60 sec, F/12, iso 35. You loving the Phase Ben?

      • Cleggy says:

        I can not describe the absolute brilliance of that camera! As you know.
        I have given it back now what a depressing day that was!!
        Cheers Mate.

        • cfletcher says:

          ahhh that would be horrible. At least you had some quality time with it mate, and some of the images you got looked brilliant. Yes there is no camera out there that matches it for sheer awe! Even the D800E as good a camera it is for the money it isn’t a Phase One killer if you are talking purely landscape photography done slow and with perfect technique. When you nail it on the Phase you just melt.

  5. Haydn Jones says:

    dam you Christian, cracking shot. I watched this cell pass Bunbury and move east.

  6. Paul says:

    Beautiful shot, soft tones and transitions throughout are fantastic. Nailed it!

  7. steven f says:

    Fantastic colour palette CF, ripper image, Heading back this way in a few weeks, hope that storm cell still around… 🙂

  8. Looks fantastic Christian – very luminous!

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