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‘Spring’ Fujifilm X-M1

4 Sep 2013 at 7:12am

‘Spring’ Fujifilm X-M1


Fuji have brought out another killer compact camera with interchangeable lenses and as my brother was singing it’s praises when taking still photographs I thought I’d grab his one for a couple of hours and do some shooting with it in video mode.

‘Spring’ is the result of a couple of hours walking around with the camera without a tripod putting the camera through it’s paces. It has to be said that Fuji are not pushing the video functionality of these very small cameras as is evident of the lack of shooting options in the camera which is OK! They are not trying to compete with other manufacturers in relation to video.

The Fuji X-M1 shoots full HD 1920×1080 at 30fps (NTSC) and the vision is plagued by aliasing, moire, and other artefacts as you would expect from a camera primarily designed to shoot awesome still photographs. I knew it wasn’t going to be anything compared to my C300 so I went out to try to be creative with the tools I had.

I have to say to be shooting with no tripod, no backpack full of gear, no dolly, no crane, or even a second lens was the most enjoyable shooting experience I have had for a long time. The fact that you can fit the camera easily in one hand means if you see something you want to shoot your more likely to stop because of the ease of it all. Also the compact nature of this camera as well as a great flip out lcd screen allowed you to place the camera in angles and spots you could never do easily with my C300 or 5D’s for that matter.

So is it worth even turning on the camera to shoot video? It’s not the cameras strength but if you use a bit of creativity you can create nice little web based shorts with it. So don’t discount it as a tool to shoot video.

Sometimes it’s not all about how great your gear is.



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