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Sigma DP2 Merrill the Super Camera

4 May 2014 at 3:50pm

Sigma DP2 Merrill the Super Camera

_SDI0325 I have been completely blown away by my new Sigma DP2 Merrill. Loving the B&W it is capable of, reminds me of the good old days of shooting film. Image quality wise this is probably the best mirror less camera I have ever used. I cannot believe what this thing can do. Combined with Iridient Developer it has been a fun ride. Edge to edge sharpness is the best I have seen period, no lens I have used beats this. Check it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Steven f says:

    Is it THAT good ? Better than your Fuji ? I’m looking at a mirror less, but erring towards the A7R, due to high megapickels, and range of lens choice etc, in Jap later this month, so intend buying up thereā€¦ will do some more research i guess..

  2. Steve says:

    Steven F and others, yes it is THAT good! The Sigma DP2 Merrill is better than the Sony A7r, Nikon D800e, Canon 5D MkII, The Nikon D3, the Fuji XT-1, the Fuji X-Pro-1, Fuji X100s, and the Leica M9, all of which I’ve owned.

    In a nutshell, the DP2 is the only system I use for B&W, my D800e is my road warrior when I can drive to locations and not worry about lugging it around for long distances, and my A7r is my lightweight travel system that I carry in a beat up courier bag that doesn’t scream ‘rich tourist!”

    Christian should know image quality, after all folks he has all that Phase One super-gear and his images are incredible. So, trust him when he says the Sigma in B&W cannot be beat!

  3. cfletcher says:

    Yes I completely agree with Steve. I had heard snippets about this camera and the image quality so did a bit of research. I thought the only real way to evaluate it was to buy one and try it out. My very first image sealed it for me. I zoomed into 100% and thought I must be looking at 50% as it was so sharp and clear. I even had to drag my wife in to brag about it. I thought I was looking at one of my Phase files. Seriously. Now before you get too excited it is really only 15mp but you could definitely make a very nice 26″ x 40″ print. In short, this camera probably offers the best value for money of any camera on the planet. I don’t know how Sigma did it but they did. I am hoping to get my hands on the new DP2 Quattro soon. It offers the same lens but slightly more resolution from what I can see. It also has a weird new shaped body. Now if it had a flippy screen and a viewfinder it would be pretty close to perfection. For me it is a no brainer. At that cost, why doesn’t every serious photographer have one?

  4. Peter Lee says:

    I have owned a Sigma Merrill DP2 and DP3 for around 18 mths and agree at 100 ISO , a tripod and patience this is a superb landscape camera.What I have found is that the Foveon sensor / pin sharp lenses allow images to be upsized with more detail than Bayer sensor cameras.Finding the right workflow is important as is giving yourself “wriggle room” to apply creative and output sharpening.I often set the sharpness at minus 1.00 (thats right not minus 0.1 but 1.00).Recently I purchased a Sony A7r with the CZ 55 and 35 mm lenses and whilst I acknowledge this camera has some issues (its going back to Sony) it did not resolve detail anywhere near as well @ 100% than the Merrills , even after dialling in minus 1.00 sharpening on the latter.
    I will wait and see about the Quattros – Clem Kennedy from CR Kennedy tells me they should arrive in Australia next month.However there are major changes to the sensor so its possible that in order to gain market traction they may sacrifice the “Merill” look especialy with black and white images.For me the DP3 Merrill is my favourite as I like to stitch images together and it gives a completely distortion free viewpoint.

    • cfletcher says:

      Thanks Peter, great info. I still shake my head when I see the files from the Merrill. Since you say the DP3 is your favourite, I might have to invest in one. I have mine packed along side my Phase One. Might have to give them some side by side tests!!!

  5. Peter Lee says:

    Christian and other Merrill owners,
    Everytime I take my Merrills out for a shoot I am always excited to get back to my PC view the RAW images.No other camera gives me that same motivation and enjoyment and thats what photography should be about.I just love the simplicity of the fixed lens.For those who are forced to use the awful Sigma Photo Pro raw developer be aware that the histogram and clipping warnings are totally inaccurate and if one relies on them images will at least half to one stop a stop underexposed going into Photoshop.For panos/stitches with the DP3 nothing could be simpler.If using aperture preferred set the AEL Button settings at Centre AF Lock + AEL (mine is set at that permanently). All you need to do is focus, press the AEL button on the camera and focus and exposure is locked (you get the message on the screen) until you press the AEL button again.Really right stuff make a great bracket for the Merrills ($120 US) that allows very quick switching to vertical mode on the tripod.
    As the weather cools and the heavy frosts start I am planning to do a nightime stitch of a high country landscape area called the rocks which should be interesting.Have done some exposures of around 20 secs @ 100 ISO and these have been pretty free of noise.Has anyone else tried long exposures ? I agree with comments that the Merrills are great for BW – I’m in Melbourne the 18th May to attend Les Walkling’s BW course so it wiull be interesting to see what he can do with some images.

  6. Peter Lee says:

    Christian ,
    Interesting article in Sigma Rumours.First test of the new quattro
    Sounds promising

    • cfletcher says:

      Looks promising, I hope to be getting my hands on one soon. I hope the reports are correct. Thanks for the link Peter

  7. Peter Lee says:

    Just a quick note to all to advise that the DP2 Sigma Quattro is now available in Australia.It can be purchased from Sigma Web Sales https://www.crkennedy.com.au/sigma/shop/index.php?q=catalog/1. It is expected the Sigma DP1 Quattro will follow shortly. Exciting days ahead

  8. Peter Lee says:

    Sorry guys – the Sigma DP2 Quattro is only available for pre order with delivery August.We will have to wait a little longer.Check out the website anyway

  9. cfletcher says:

    Hope it is in time for my birthday in August!!

  10. Peter Lee says:

    Christian, A little birdie told me ( Clem Kennedy) that you are testing the new Sigma Quattro 2. Looking forward to reading your comments about it and how it compares with the DP2 Merrill

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