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5 Oct 2015 at 3:38pm

Photographers needed for a good cause. Come on peeps, don’t leave it up to someone else. Get involved, get active and allow your talents to make a difference. Contact John Swainston, he is a legend!

John Swainston to Photographers for the Environment

I am seeking some volunteers. End of November – Melbourne (27th) Brisbane (28th) and Sydney 29th – Australia will host key People’s Climate March events, culminating in Sydney the day before the Paris COP21 meetings. We want to make clear to the Turnbull government that most Australians find the current offer of a 26-28% CO2 reduction by 2030 as inadequate, encouraging government to go further and faster. I am involved on the Arts and Media teams for the Sydney Committee. Our goal is to get between 30-50,000 marching in Sydney alone. A Public website is due for launch shortly. I am briefing as many employee photographers of newspapers, and other news media as I can/know, but we are also seeking volunteer story-teller photographers who we can team up with some of the marchers to document their stories as part of a project to keep telling the story of impacts in different areas well after the Paris summit, as well. Doctors, Farmers, Faith, Frontline people (Islanders), Unionists, Business people, Academics, Students and Children – the people inaction will most affect – and more. We are doing some more work on providing a proper brief, but if you could contact me via FB Messenger, so we can know if some of you might be a source of pro-bono images. If you are outside of Sydney I’ll get you in touch with local organising teams for other cities. The People’s Climate March would seek a licence for specific use, copyright remaining, of course, with the photographer. If you are in Sydney, then please also put November 29th in YOUR calendar for The People’s Climate March (1.00pm to 4.00pm). See you on the front line! This is not a rally so much as a community of concerned citizens and their families who want to make a very clear statement that we want more action.
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