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RM Williams Shoot

21 Oct 2015 at 11:53am

RM Williams Shoot

I have just returned from a fun week of flying with my brother Michael and pilot Roger Avery. We covered around 7000kms and flew a total of 38 hours. Let me tell you, it ain’t all beer and skittles. The thought of all that airtime taking photographs is very romantic. The reality is there were countless hours flying over flat dry and very baron landscapes. As much as it was interesting to see there was a lot of nothing out there.

We started in Busselton and made a track towards Lake Grace and Lake Dumbleyung. Such awesome aerials around there with the salt lakes coming in all shapes, sizes and colours. We had pinks, reds, oranges, green and fluro yellows. It was amazing. From there we flew to Kalgoorlie for a top up on the fuel.

Next was Lake Leroy and then down to a pretty cool sand dune range on the south coast. We approached it at 9000ft as the air had heated up and we were looking for less bumps. Opening the window of the plane at this height was not my idea of fun. The outside temperature was 4 degrees. The boys in the front were ok but i was freezing! An hour later and we were on the ground for our first night in a small train stop called Forrest. What a cool place, lots of aviation history.

The next morning we cleared out really early as a thunderstorm was heading our way. We kept ahead of it and found clear skys over Marlalinga. I was hoping the town was a bit more interesting but most of it has been removed. There were new sheds there and a tourism business for those who like it a little HOT. We kept going to Coober Pedy and got more fuel. Now that is a crazy place. The amount of holes everywhere was staggering. Great to shoot from the air. But man it was hot and windy! From there we finally ended up at our base for the next three days, Leigh Creek.

We shot all around there venturing over the Flinders Ranges, Lake Eyre and even Birdsville in Queensland. Of course we stopped at the famous pub, but didn’t have a drink as it was still only 9.30am.

On the last day we headed back  home via Ceduna, Nullabor Village, Forrest and then Kalgoorlie. We flew low, high around in circles and back and forth. I now have over 3000 photos to process. The clients were happy, we were happy and our families were happy to see us home safe and sound.

What a great trip, can’t wait for the next one!

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