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First Tasmania Images

24 Nov 2010 at 1:45pm

Well I guess you have been expecting some amazing sweeping vistas but I have been having some fun around Launceston shooting urban and industrial landscapes. Launceston indeed all of Tasmania is a treasure trove of old buildings, sheds, farmhouses and industry. These make great subjects and as impressive as the natural beauty.

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The Government Set to Steal James Price Point

3 Sep 2010 at 6:37am


Of course they know what is best for us and the environment! I’m heading to JPP and should be there by the start of October. I am driving up with the family so we can all see it before it is ruined. I hope to come home with some nice photos of the place. It is one part of the Kimberley Coast you can get to easily. If you want to see more you need to go by boat or Helicopter. So now this “unremarkable place” is going to be even more “unremarkable” thanks to a big polluting gas plant. Why can’t they ship the gas to Dampier? Can someone tell me? There has to be a good reason right, it can’t be the cost, surely not? That would be minuscule compared to the money they will make from the project. Does anyone in the government really believe that a huge gas plant won’t cause any environmental damage? Am I wrong thinking it will? Hey I’m no expert, but I guess the government has unbiased environmental groups providing them with the relevant information, right? Do you really think Barnett looks at himself in the mirror? I do when I’m brushing my teeth! And does he really sleep at night knowing the environment won’t be harmed in any way? I guess he must or he would be making stupid decisions every day! Phew, one thing I am glad about is all the extra tourism it will bring to Broome, hang on, I mean fly in fly out workers! Sorry they aren’t tourists, they are there to work. I think some big high rise buildings along Cable beach would be perfect to house everyone. I love that look! It is a shame that the price for the tourist to stay in Broome will go up too, just like in Port Hedland and Karratha. So hang on who is going to win from this? Well I guess we all will, well some of us, maybe just a few. Hey I would be buying some Woodside shares right about now, imagine how much money you could make! Hey don’t feel bad about the gas plant, it’s just a few small acres of land and the 20,000 odd whales zipping by every year can just go have a baby somewhere else. They don’t own the ocean you know, they just lease it off us, we own it and we can screw it how ever we want. Whales are overrated anyway, tourist don’t want to see them, they prefer oil slicks and industrial oblivion. Hey I for one think this is a brilliant idea,go for it premier, youdaman! Lets see what you have done so far.

Barnett believes that if Western Australia handed over 30% of the only GST revenue it receives it could eventually lead to the federal government being able to acquire 100% of the state’s GST revenue. There’s that word again, acquisition! No you can’t do that, that wouldn’t be fair.

In October 2004, Barnett led a campaign to re-criminalise homosexuality for anyone under the age of 18. Phew, for a minute there I thought Tommy would have to put his Pink feather boa away!

In October 2009, Barnett announced a series of new policies relating to drug legislation including a repeal of the Cannabis Control Act 2003. The previous laws were formulated by Geoff Gallop’s drug summit, taking input from experts such as academics, police, social workers, lawyers, medical professionals and members of the public. Barnett has stated it is his intention to overturn these laws because of HIS BELIEFS and stated that the drug summit members made a mistake introducing them and that cannabis was a “gateway drug”. To help with the enforcement of this new policy, Barnett also supported legislation to give police the power to search and seize property without any suspicion or belief that a crime has been committed. A Liberal parliamentarian, Peter Abetz, voiced support for these laws in parliament by drawing reference to the work Adolf Hitler did to bring security to Nazi Germany. Barnett stood by Abetz’s statements, saying he was making a valid point. Haha what a beauty, security to Germany but not to the rest of the world!

At the 2005 state election, Barnett, proposed the construction of a canal from the rivers of the Kimberley Ranges in northern Western Australia to Perth to meet Perth’s growing water supply problem. The proposal was costed by Barnett at AUD $2 billion, however it soon emerged that no feasibility study or detailed costings had been done. Some experts put the cost as high as AUD $5 billion. Oopsy, that was a bit of a blunder!! So he does his own calculations. Hang on, does he do his own environmental studies too? Hmmm, nah surely not!

Don’t panic people, we are in safe hands!

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Teenage Angst

28 Mar 2010 at 9:04pm

These are a couple of pics of my niece who was kind enough to pose for me so I could check out some different lighting setups for my new portrait venture. We shot these this afternoon in a tilt panel industrial unit. I find using the walls as a backdrop helps add texture to the image. When your a teenager you want to look cool not all smiley and nice. You want to look dark, gritty and angry, well some of them do. I was a pretty happy teenager! But it was the 80’s and the darkest thing in those days was having huge mullets kept up with lots of hairspray!

Shot on the Phase One 645DF with the Schnieder 80mm f/2.8 and the P65+ back. The quality is quite extraordinary as you would expect.





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Gold Mine Colours

7 Mar 2010 at 12:57pm

These large tanks were at the scene of the “Cyanide Affair” one that almost claimed the life of one of australia’s best idiots! They were actually shot in the shade and the light has been stylised for effect. I just love these colour together. I was out shooting this location with Peter Eastway, Tony Hewitt, Michael Fletcher and Les Walkling.

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Salt Lakes of Port Hedland

3 Mar 2010 at 12:11pm

This was one of the special mornings from our photo trip to the Pilbara with some of Australia’s best landscape and art ¬†photographers. I love what salt looks like and love it on my chips!!! This image was shot on the Nikon D3x. The temperature was probably about 25 degrees which is just about perfect.

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