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Studio set up…….. Again!

15 Jan 2012 at 6:46pm

today I finally found some time to set up my studio again. I had the Danish wonder boy Flembot down so we messed around tweaking lights before the family came down to pose. This shot was just a quick work up over lunch with Flemming. A yummy lunch too, crumbed squid, sushi and salad. Nothing but the best at The Fletcher Resort. Didn’t get the compositing right, my daughter still looks dropped in, but given time I’m sure I could make it better. This sort of work really throws up some photoshop challenges that I just love.

Phase One IQ180, Schneider 80mm, 645DF Phase one body.

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Le Tour de Dunsborough

20 Oct 2011 at 11:10am

Just got off a ride this morning and thought what the hell, may as well shoot myself in full riding gear, girls keep your tongues in, I know you can’t resist a man in lycra. Turned on the lights, set the auto timer in the Phase and wasted lots of mega pixels trying to make myself look Kool. Unfortunately I look like a Tool but I am at an age now where I just don’t give a sh1t. I’m thinking now that a gopher isn’t so embarrassing after all. Can’t wait to get one, will have to bomb it with some tunes and a whippy ¬†aerial complete with fox tail!

Shot using that cool backlighting technique. Enjoying this work, might have to take the lights into the landscape soon. And mothers if you would like your kids photographed I am happy to do it for $2k a pic. Yes if you are going to make me suffer I want to be compensated for it! Don’t think I will be getting much work!

Notice I cut my guts out of the shot to maintain a G rating! Ok bring on the jokes, I can take it!

Phase One 645DF

Schneider 80mm

IQ180 Digital Back


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Studio set up again

6 Oct 2011 at 11:06am

Good to get the lights out and have some fun again. Unfortunately that means the cars don’t have a garage any more. Will be getting some new studio space soon. This is a pic of my sons mate. Thought I would knock something up for his parents. Still refining the process but enjoying the editing.

This one is of my lovely wife.


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More Portraits

13 Jun 2011 at 7:37pm

Ok just when you thought you were sick of portraits here is another! I must say it is nice to shoot different stuff. I enjoy the altered landscapes too as they challenge you and it all teaches you something about getting better images. I think the more varied your work the great the improvement you will have. Makes sense really.

My subject is an amazing Jazz singer named Sarah Mckenzie. She was onboard the True North performing every evening for the guests. At 23 she has already achieved some fantastic milestones including performing with James Morrison, and Michael Bubble amongst others. You can find out more about her here

If you are looking for some music to go with your latest slideshow or video project contact her for full details of what she has to offer.

Phase One 645DF, P65+ back, Schneider 80mm f/2.8

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