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Things on Offer for Australia Day True North workshop

25 Jan 2011 at 9:49am

On Australia Day

Book a test drive of the Phase One Camera Systems , Gigapan Pano System, Quadra Lighting Kit and the Pentax 645D kit.
Hopefully we’ll get Christian to demo the Quadra system on Rotto.

We’ll also be demonstrating the F-Stop Back Packs, EIZO Self Calibration monitor , EyeFi Wireless Transfer ,iPad, Canson Media, Rode DSLR Microphone and a number of Speed light flash accessories.

If you want book a one of the camera systems please book with Trevor 93283377. Please bring your own card for the cameras.

We’ll also have Great Promo on the day

Look forward to seeing you all on the boat for an amazing day.

Ben Walton
Sales and Marketing

Team Digital
“Technology to capture, create and communicate”
268 Lord Street, Perth W.A 6000
Ph:  +618 9328 3377
Fax: +618 9227 7137

The last I heard there are only 17 spots left so today is the day to book for the best floating workshop in Australia. Call the girls at Northstar Cruises on 08 9192 1829  or cruise@northstarcruises.com.au

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The Landscape 500 Prizes – True North Cruise 2010

28 Jul 2010 at 3:41pm

Imagine taking your partner on the trip of a lifetime, your photography has struck pay dirt! All those times when you made them wait whilst you stuffed around with the tripod, getting the exposure right, waiting for the sun to come out. This is your chance to say, thanks honey for being the best assistant ever! Alternatively take one of your photo buddies and make it a shooting trip! Ok, Ok take the partner!!!

Night 1 Welcome aboard the magnificent True North in magnificent Sydney Harbour. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner as you are treated to an evening cruise on one of the finest harbours in the world!
Day 1
New Years Eve
Visit Sydney’s famed Taronga Zoo or take-off in the helicopter for a scenic flight over the Harbour. Spend the afternoon swimming and beach combing on Quarantine or Store beach as the chefs prepare a barbeque lunch like no other!

Then enjoy a leisurely cruise to Middle Harbour before taking up one of Sydney’s best vantages to witness the Harbour Bridge fireworks display – Happy New Year!

Day 2
After an early morning cruise along Sydney’s revered northern beaches – enjoy breakfast in the beautiful surrounds of Pittwater. Morning activities will include a walk to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse, beach combing and a scenic cruise past the Pittwater Yacht clubs. There may also be a chance to walk from Longnose Point to Flint & Steel Bay through the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park – Australia’s second oldest national park.

A helicopter flight to the Hunter Valley and wine tasting at our feature winery is sure to be a cruise highlight!

Whilst you are enjoying lunch the True North will cruise to Maitland Bay. Enjoy a swim or a bush walk through the surrounding national park. Sunset drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served on the beach before an evening cruise to Jerusalem Bay.

Day 3
Wake up to the shrill of the Jerusalem Bay cicadas. Join the crew for a bush walk along the Jerusalem Bay Bush Trail or head out in the tenders for sight seeing and swimming. Then savour a lunch on the sparkling waters of Cowan Creek, or join the heli-flight to the Blue Mountains and enjoy lunch at Echoes Boutique Hotel – 2007 winner of “Restaurant of the Year”!

In the afternoon the True North will anchor at the mouth of the mighty Hawkesbury. From here we head out to Glenworth Valley for your choice of horse riding, kayaking, abseiling or quad bike riding. Or, maybe a visit to a local oyster farm is more your style?

And in the evening something special – a live band to make your last night onboard a night to remember!

Day 4 The True North will cruise back into Sydney Harbour for 0800 disembarkation.

The prize does not include Helicopter flights or Alcoholic drinks, so don’t try that on when you get on board, “Yeah Christian said it was on him” That is a big NUP. I’m a generous guy but stingy too!

Have a look at Michaels video to see what your up for in Sydney
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/9218126]

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The Landscape 500

26 Jul 2010 at 12:29pm

Ok time to put you out of your misery, or to just make you more miserable. Today I announce the “Landscape 500”.
The most prestigious landscape photography competition to ever be held in the southern hemisphere.

You are the stars, you have the chance to take home the glory, you are ones who will be talked about for years to come. This competition will reward the best in enthusiast photography in Australia. Yes thats right, it is only open to non professional photographers and the images to be entered can only have been shot in Australia or an Australian territory. No shots of the Himalayas here, this is a competition to show we have the most beautiful country in the world and the best photographers.

The photographs entered must be of a landscape but can include urban, cityscapes or landscapes with people. No portraits or weddings please, Yikes!!

The winners will be judged by some of Australias best photographers, including Peter Eastway, Tom Putt, David Evans and Nick Rains. The prizes are awesome and I will talk more about them and all the competition details in the coming week.

So now start thinking about what you have that might win this competition. Why is it called the “Landscape 500”?, that is the number of entries that are allowed. Most competitions attract thousands of entries, this one is different, it is a limited edition you could say. Each person will be able to upload 3 images per entry but you will be able to enter as many times as you like, each entry of three images comes off the 500 allowable. So do the stats, 500 possible entries, 4 prizes, your chances of taking something away are pretty good.

Let the games begin!

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Salt Lake City, Rotto Style!

5 Apr 2010 at 9:41pm

Salt Lake, Rottnest Island

Just got home from an awesome weekend at Rotto on Truenorthmarks 43ft boat. No not his 50M boat, this one is a wee bit smaller and just as much fun. Still feel I am on the water though and am rocking in my chair. We were there with Marks wife and their two friends. Also our special guest was the man himself, Les Walkling. We had a great time talking art and photography and I was inspired once again to push the limits of my work. Thanks guys for a very memorable Easter.

This pic is of one of the salt lakes in the middle of Rottnest Island. We took a ride out to the guns and the lighthouse before returning to the boat for easter lunch. I’m going on a diet, we ate like kings with Crayfish and Blue Groper on the menu as well as this wicked carrot cake that must have been bad it tasted so good. I like this shot even though it isn’t a pretty beach or row of deciduous trees in autumn. There is something about salt lakes.

Shot this with the p65 and 45mm phase lens. Blisteringly sharp! I’m very impressed with the Phase One.

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Kimberley Photos

26 Mar 2010 at 10:29pm

True North Trip 13

Markie has been pulling out some more Kimberley trip gems so not to be outdone I thought this was a great travel shot taken on an island with huge sandstone sculptures. The model was one of the passengers who was French, I know as much French as Tom Putt knows hard work! She was a natural!

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True North Rottnest Workshop 2011

16 Mar 2010 at 8:12pm

Well the team at True North have put together an amazing workshop for next Australia day and beyond. Have a look at the TRUE NORTH WEBSITE to get a feel for what is going to happen.

What I can also tell you is Nick Rains, Tony Hewitt and myself will be back to run a full three day workshop on the boat.

The 3 day workshop will include

Taking photographs – Composition, capture, camera settings, light

Post Production – RAW image conversion, photoshop techniques, other software used for specific results, sharpening and output to web and printers.

Colour Management – setting up monitors, profiling devices, icc profiles

Printing – colour managed workflow to obtain the best prints possible

Each of the three tutors will be available for one on one tuition as well as running at least 2 workshops each per day on the above topics and more such as

Pre-visualisation, creation, photographic themes, styles and inspiration

Now is the time to book your place as this is going to be very popular. Where else can you get to learn photography in luxury at one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Prices include the workshop and the usual True North luxury

Explorer Class Cabin:               4499 pp

River Class Cabin:                     3999 pp

Ocean Class Cabin:                   3499 pp

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True Norths New Website

22 Feb 2010 at 11:01am

True North has a new website and it looks pretty fantastic. It has Michaels videos on it and lots of great photos by Mark. Check it out and whilst your at it book a trip.

Mark and I are working on the True North / Rotto trip extravaganza for next year and lets just say it will be bigger and better than the last one. Keep an eye on this blog for more details.

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True North Rotto workshop Extravaganza

27 Jan 2010 at 6:42am

Well the Rottnest workshop is over for the year and I think it was a great success. There was a great turnout for the day and the speakers, the crew, the food and Boat were awesome. I had a fantastic time and hope you all gained a bit of information and motivation throughout the day. A big thanks goes to my good bud Markie Stothard for having the vision to believe this could work and for having the perfect platform to hold such an amazing workshop. Nothing like a 50m luxury boat to “Go wild in Style” The day went pretty smoothly and when I left at 10pm the staff were still working cleaning the boat. They work so hard and you should see what they do on a True North cruise. Hopefully a lot of you will soon experience what it is like to travel on this amazing vessel, to some amazing locations and be treated like kings.

Thanks to Tony Hewitt, Nick Rains and Glen Cowins for putting on great talks, my wife said Glen was the best, we are now filing for a divorce!!

Now don’t forget the sponsors, Benny and Trevo from Team Digital and Paulie Paul from Fitzgeralds. These guys have given you some stuff in the show bags to chew over and make sure you support them as they have supported us and the photographic community at large.

Also to Muzz for organising the best video ever, I was blown away and so humbled by the effort he and the others put in to make a awesome video and probably the funniest thing I have seen in years. Thanks to the crew that submitted videos, I think Merv’s accusation might have some truth in it. As for Tommy Putts, that is definitely true, go the pink feather Boa !! Brent your much too kind and the line at the end re Nikon was a beauty! Cheers for that. Tony, you will need more than a wire cage to hide your secrets from me, you are an inspiration. As for the others, Peter Eastway, Ken Duncan and Peter Lik, I’m sure given more time something could have been done to personalize the messages a bit more but being the best in the game we have to agree you probably are too damned busy. Pete, do you know the story of Pinocchio??

Thanks to everyone who came along to share the day with us.

The photo of True North was taken by Jon Davison What a great shot!

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Don’t forget the Boat Trip!!

22 Jan 2010 at 7:07am

As if that is going to happen!! Just so you all know where you have to go to get on the boat, here is a map of the street it is on.

True North will depart from North Port Boat Lifters at 1100 hrs.

Guests should plan to arrive in plenty of time say by 1030 hrs.

The address at North Port Boat Lifters is:

Sultan Way North Fremantle: Take the first right past Port Beach on the Coast Rd at Rudderham Drive, turn right into North Mole Drive and then left into Rous Head Rd. Sultan Way and North Port Boat Lifters is the second Road on the right.

Paul from Fitzgeralds has told me he has some great specials on all his printing and mounting services so it will be great to have him on board to add some value.

I also want to thank Mark Stothard and his staff for allowing us to get on what will be the benchmark for photographic workshops in Australia. You all know Markie through his blog but make sure you get to say hello to him on the day as he is probably the most motivated person I have ever met. Let some of that rub off on to you and the world will be your oyster.

The other big thanks goes out to Ben from Team Digital
Ben is a guy who puts serve into service! He is here on this planet only to serve us hungry photographers. I have known Ben for almost 20 years, half my life you could say, and he has been nothing but helpful and generous with his time. Make sure you have a chat with Ben during the cruise and discuss your needs, his knowledge of photography and all its processes is second to none. And do you know what, with all that talent, he is a bloody good bloke too!

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Update on True North Rotto Workshop

20 Jan 2010 at 4:57am

Well the True North Rotto experience is only around the corner, I can’t wait to get back on the boat and experience the fun and excitement I had when cruising the Kimberley in August last year.

Our mates at TEAM DIGITAL have managed to put together some pretty cool stuff and some extra special deals for the day. Check it out-

Nikon will be supplying 110 bag ( for a Showbag )
110 x NIKS software trail discs
1 NIKs Full suite to give away. Value $ 765.00
2 x 3880 printers which can be sold on the day I think that will be at around $ 1650.00 inc which is great value.
These units will be new commissioned on the day to run a few prints through and then sold to who ever gets in first on the day.
We have a Manfrotto tripod to giveaway as well. 055/322 rrp $ 550/600
Canson will have some sample packs as give aways not sure how many yet.
Hoping to have a top of the range Epson projector to use and display.
We will be bringing a selection of Manfrotto and Gitzo tripods which again will be discounted on the day. We will also have an ongoing discount for the month of Feb on Manfrotto, Gitzo Hoya and Pelican . There will be a flyer with those promo prices on.
We will also be bringing our hire equipment
Possibly our Canon 300mm yes include the 300mm
Which people can book for short periods to try out.
We may have a deal from Spyder as well working on that.

As you can see you will be getting great value for your entrance fee and we are expecting some great deals and savings from Fitzgeralds also. Stay tuned for that.

Everyone coming on the day will go into the draw to win one of these amazing prizes, good luck!

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