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Iceland, IC0006Ph

Iceland, IC0006Ph

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Ahhh Iceland, what can I say about you? You are freeking awesome. This a little place called fghiefewnvvnjnfoss just the other side of klnfjgnskje jssjvsfoss and up the road from svnjsnvjksskuls. I mean really, is anyone ever going to remember the names of these places. I have decided all the titles of my photos will be "Iceland" 
We had some awesome weather today. The late arvo glow went on, and on, and on. I was expecting it to be all over in 15mins like in Australia. So nice knowing you can take a shot, make a sandwich, take a shot, do your washing, take a shot, grab a hot bath, take a shot, read War and Peace and still have time in the arvo to take another shot. Man this is shooting!






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