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Red Wall, Punta Arenas, Chile LTD 1/1 SOLD

Red Wall, Punta Arenas, Chile LTD 1/1 SOLD

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New to the gallery. This is an exclusive one of one framed photograph. I took this image whilst waiting for good weather en-route to Antarctica. It was an unusually hot summer and the airport on King George island was shrouded in fog. We missed the first day and had to abort the flight. We then had another aborted flight a couple of days later. Eventually the whole trip was called off and 60 people didn't get to see Antarctica. This was an unprecedented weather event and the whole group was stuck in Punta Arenas in Chile waiting and hoping for clear skies. All we could do was wait and stay close to the airport just in case there was a window in the weather and we could land. It is only a 2 hour flight and it means you don't have to endure the two days each way on the Drake Passage. I was on as an instructor for two back to back trips. The second trip went off perfectly but it was bitter sweet thinking of all those friends who didn't get to see such an amazing place. This image of a red wall in Punta Arenas is significant. The colour reminds us of warmth. The white band represents the ice melting into the pink water. When I shot it I had no idea how it could be interpreted. I just loved the minimalist design and the colour.

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