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More from Wyadup Rocks

23 Feb 2009 at 4:29am

wyadup-rocks-3 Another from that spectacular sunset the other weekend. It’s all about the light, don’t bother trying to make it up in photoshop, light like this is pretty hard to replicate. Taken with the 5D 2 as per usual. I don’t use my pano head anymore, in fact I have sold it. Wish I had saved myself the money. I didn’t know that I could get away with stitching without one though. Hope you like!

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Michaels Video of Hamelin Bay etc!

22 Jan 2009 at 3:58am

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/2904752] This is another one from Michael all shot with the 5D mark II this time. Love the shallow depth of field and the lighthouse shots are superb. Check it out. It has been hosted on Vimeo HD which is a big deal. Will be getting thousands of hits on it per day hopefully. Makes my piddly 956 hits a bit average!!

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Michael Schumachers Dad

9 Jan 2009 at 6:15am

farmland-pembi No his dad isn’t a hay bale or even a potato waiting to grow in a rich farming paddock. He is the owner of Bellarmine winery in Pemberton. Talk about me name dropping!. Me and the Schooo, as I like to call him, are very close. Unfortunately he wouldn’t even know I exist!! That will change when he gets all the photos of his vineyard. “Well what in the hell are you banging on about Fletch” This is a photo of a paddock not far from his property. I know it’s a stretch but how else can I make myself sound important! And Mr Schumacher if your reading this, I can fly to Germany to photograph anything you want any time. Now hows that for self promotion!!! Actually the tire marks at the top of the photo may have been made by Michael or Ralf!!!

On another note, sorry I haven’t replied to any posts for a few days, I am just so busy it is hard to get time. Will answer all the questions by next week, promise.

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956 hits in one day thanks to the 5D Mark II

11 Dec 2008 at 2:42am

3200-boats This is another pic from a couple of nights ago. The stats on this pic are:- f/1.6, 0.6 sec, 3200 iso. Image was taken at 9.22pm. Had to run some Noise Ninja over it to make it useable but it responded pretty well. I would like to see how something like this would print, will have to do some tests. 956 hits in one day, I was so hoping it would get to 1000 but that will be something to look forward to over the coming months. All thanks to the interest in the new 5D and you guys for having a look at what it can do. Keep an eye out for more new stuff. Michael is working on some video as I type, he is a bit slower than me to get onto stuff, have to keep asking him, “where’s the footage”. You can imagine what he tells me to do! Can’t post it as little kids like Stakky are tuning in!

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Exit Light, Enter Night

10 Dec 2008 at 12:39am

surf-cat This is a line from one of my favourite Metallica songs. Obviously they didn’t have a 5D mark II. This show that it doesn’t get dark after the sun goes down, you just need to be able to see in the dark. This camera does. The stats, iso 800, f5, 13 seconds. Little to no noise in the RAW image. Depth of field suffered a little with that aperture but the overall effect is good. Helped along by the moonlight. The white spots are stars. Live view was perfect for focusing on the surf cat. I love this camera!!!

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5D in my hot little hands

5 Dec 2008 at 9:53am

It has arrived and my first impressions were “holly S#$T that is one awesomely average looking camera. Might as well have a 1000D, looks the same. But delving further into it I soon realised this was no toy. The thing that struck me the most was the lcd on the back. I have never seen anything like it. It looks like a tv not the piddly thing I’m used to seeing on the 1Ds. Michael and I went out to do some video tests against his XH -A1. Lets just say it blew it out of the water. So easy to use and fun. The live view, some say is a gimmick I found particularly helpful. You can actually focus with that thing it is so good.The image look to be full of detail but have yet to really look at them closely. Why?………. because Camera raw can’t read the raws from the 5D mark 2. I will need to update to Camera raw 5.2. No problems, unfortunately means I have to upgrade to Photoshop cs4, pricks, more expense. If anyone has a solution to this please let me know. I have to use the Canon raw converter which is completely useless. Stand by for some pics and videos from this baby!

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