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Another Nup from the Boss

26 Dec 2010 at 9:37pm

What!!! surely it is worth more than a Merv inspired NUP?

The Burrup from the air. Amazing that one of Australias most polluted places was relatively clear this morning. I guess a 30knot Easterly would blow anything away. Hmmm looks like great ground for more industry, hell why not dump the toxic waste we tried to send to Denmark there. Flemming you Danes are out of control. It is outrageous you will not deal with our toxic waste!

THE Gillard government has branded as “unfortunate” Denmark’s decision to cancel imports of hazardous chemical waste from Australia for disposal.

Approved in August but postponed by Denmark earlier this month, shipments of 6100 tonnes of highly toxic hexachlorobenzene (HCB) have now been cancelled by the Danish government following political opposition.

Hey mate for your info we have been storing this stuff since 1964, it is about time you dealt with it. It has been around a year longer than me!!

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