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Help needed for one of our own

16 Nov 2010 at 2:27pm

Just found out from Markie Stothard that Tony Middleton has had all his gear stolen. Read Marks post below

I am sure that the name Tony Middelton (Tone) is very familiar to you all and I have learned today via Andrew Brown’s blog that Tony had all of his gear stolen yesterday along with all of his back up drives and 10 years worth of images!

To say that he is gutted is an understatement!

I would like to do something to assist Tony to get back out there doing what he does best and Ben from Team Digital has agreed to offer a good price on the gear he has lost.

So I am asking everyone out there in blog land to put a donation to this account which I have set up purely for this appeal. Any and every donation will be much appreciated by Tony and I hope we can go someway towards replacing his kit.

Of course we can never replace the 10 years worth of kick butt images, but at least we might be able to get him up and running again and ease the pain a bit!

List of Tony’s Stolen Camera & Computer Equipment


Canon EOS 5D Mark II (Digital Camera)

Body No. 2764B014[AA], (21) 0230114578, (21) 01357319

Bar Code: 4 960999 629568

Serial No. 230114578

Distinguishing Features:

  • Missing the rubber seal over the extension system terminal (HDMI) located on the bottom of the camera.  The Rubber seal is approx 1.5cm by 1cm black rubber seal.
  • Surface rust / corrosion on the metal hot shoe plate (where the flash goes) at the top of the camera.
  • Also wear and slight corrosion on lens mount and screws.


Fuji G617 / 105 / 1.8 Lens / Medium Format Panoramic Still Camera

Serial No. 6111459.

Distguishing Features:

  • Bubble level on external lens protection bars broken / been broken – so that the level and its bar may be missing or patched.
  • Some screws on the corner of the camera housing are cracked.


Olympus, 1030SW 10mp Waterproof (10 metres) Underwater Digital Camera

Serial No. Unknown

Colour Silver


  1. Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L Series Lens As new
  2. Canon 17-40m f/4 L Series Lens Edge broken where filter screws in
  3. Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Ex DG Lens Filter Size 77

Serial No:  0 085126310547

MANFROTTO 340 Elbow Bracket Customised threaded screw to hexagonal shaped mounting bracket.


  1. 1 x Lee Neutral Density Filter Kit 1 x 0.3 , 1 x 0.6, 1 x 0.9

Lee Foundation Kit & 77mm wide angle adaptor ring.

  1. Hoya 1 NDX 400 Very light scratches on glass surface.

Extremely dark black glass filter.

  1. Hoya Circular Polariser Hoya pro digital 77mm diameter

Very slim line, high end professional filters / good condition / clear plastic case – or on one of the lenses.

CAMERA BAG Lowe Pro Nature Trekker AW II Camera Back Pack

STOP WATCH Timex Indigo Navy Ring Clip stop watch

Unusual shape: Oval with the a digital watch face across the centre.  Has an alarm that goes of twice a day that I do not know how to turn off, goes off mid afternoon and at night time – each day.

Navy blue & Grey

BATTERY PACK 2 x Genuine Canon LP – E6 Battery Pack for Canon 5D Mark II

BATTERY CHARGER Battery charger LC-E6E, See Serial No.s for Canon camera above. Some may match for the charger which came with the camera.

COMPACT FLASH MEMORY CARDS 2 x Sandisk Extreme 16GB Compact Flash Memory Cards

COMPACT FLASH MEMORY CARDS 2 x Sandisk Extreme IV Pro Compact Flash Memory Card, 8 GB

MEMORY CARD Can’t remember manufacturer – 32 GB

REMOTE CONTROL Chord for Canon 5D Mark II


LAP TOP / 13” MACBOOK PRO / 250 GB Hard Drive / 2.53 GHz Processor

Serial No: W8929CT966E

Part No MB991X/A

Model No. A1278

Airport ID 002608DEFSF2

Blue Tooth ID 002608C3855A

Distinguishing Features:

  • Silver Aluminum Casing
  • And stores 10 years worth of collected panoramic & landscape images from around Australia


Part No: MA980ZP/A

Serial No: 7K7419VEYOR

Distinguishing Features:

  • Silver
  • Black Leather Case
  • Digital FM Transmitter Attached


5 x 750 GB, Western Digital “my passport” USB Hard drives

Colour: All Slick Black

Labelled on the ends in Black Texta, individually:

  • 2010 Pans 1
  • 2010 Pans 11
  • 2010 Raw 1
  • 2010 Raw 11
  • Time machine

Stores 10 years worth of collected images panoramic & landscape  from around Australia

2 x 500 GB, Western Digital USB Hard Drives

Colour: Silver Aluminum Cases (both).

Marked with black texta, individually:

  • 2008
  • 2008 – 2009

Stores 10 years worth of collected images from around Australia

1 x 500 GB, Freecom USB Hard Drive

Aluminum Black Casing

Stores 10 years worth of collected panoramic & landscape images from around Australia

1 x 160GB, Western Digital Hard Drive

Silver Aluminum Casing

Black Texta, labeling:

– 2008

Stores 10 years worth of collected panoramic & landscape images from around Australia


1 x Duo Fast Coil Nail Gun in Case Nail Gun – Silver and Blue

Brand New in Blue Case

1 x Makita Jigsaw in Case Sky Blue

1 x Rotary Masonry Drill in Case Drill – Grey

Case – Grey

1 x Professional Snorkel & Mask Clear and Purple Mask

Blue Snorkel

1 x Travel Back Pack – Tatonka 70 Litre Black and purple

Please keep an eye out and let myself or Tony Middelton know if you come across it on Ebay etc.

I have started an account where the donations can be put into, so if you are keen to support Tony, please email me at mark@northstarcruises.com.au and I will send you the account details.

Lets help Tone out, he is one of us and a great bloke to boot,…………………. unlike Merv, just kidding Merv, we would do the same for you in a heartbeat. I think several donations have been made already.

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