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APPA Award Results

8 Jun 2010 at 9:19am

Bright Autumn Leaves

Mt Hotham

Dangar Falls

Thunderstorm, Pilbara

Well I didn’t do as well as last year, no APPA gold for me this year. The judging was pretty harsh and looking at my images now I can see why I didn’t do better. My entries are pretty straight up nice glossy landscapes and to win at APPA you need something more. I am going back to the drawing board and next year will be ready for another shot at Landscape Photographer of the Year. Everyone I know took a bit of a hit from the judges and there were some pretty gutted photographers over the past few days. Oh well, it will make us pull up the socks and try to improve our skills to the next level. So my scores were

Mount Hotham 88, Silver Distinction

Bright Autumn Leaves 85, Silver distinction

Dangar Falls 81, Silver

Thunderstorm Pilbara 80, Silver

Now if you all have a look at Tommy Putts blog he will have his prints up too and his scores, ignore the bit where he mentions that he got a higher scoring print than me, it must have been a glitch in the software responsible for recording the scores. Well done Tommy, great to see you getting amongst the medals and showing you are more than a pink feather boa’d she man.

Also congratulations to Tony Tone Hewitt for becoming a Grand Master, one of only a handful in the world and also a Fellow of the AIPP. Add to that his Gold Distinction for his balloon Aerial shot and the guy is pretty happy. Well deserved too.

I believe Peter Eastway got his head on TV so he is happy, hope he mentioned how the awards wouldn’t be the same without my contribution! And to all the organisers who give up their time to put the awards together a big thank you from us. Now to the judges…………. you wouldn’t know a good photo if it slapped you in the face, hahaha just kidding but thanks for silvers, they are a nicer colour than gold anyway. Gold is for over achievers, I am happy with what I got…….. really…….. ok I hate it, bring on next year!

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Video from Brent Pearson of Our Shoot

27 Jun 2009 at 7:36am

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/5344068] This is a video Brent knocked up of our trip to Canyon X etc. This is a pretty good effort since he is sitting editing the video with two drips in his arms. He has had a bad bug for a while and it has flared up recently. Poor bloke has to fly to America tomorrow, not something I would be looking forward to if I was crook! Then he isn’t scared of heights and big waves so no little bug is going to stop him. Cheers mate for the video and enjoy the states.
On another note I managed a silver, two silver with distinctions and a gold for my entries to this years APPA awards. I was blown away when the call came from Tommy Putt saying I was a bastard, not only that, I got my first iphone today. Man that Apple shop in Sydney is very cool.

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