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Pilbara Sunset

29 Apr 2010 at 8:09pm

Karijini National Park

This was an image from a sunset shoot we all did not far from the eco retreat. The colour went nuts and Brent pulled out his strobe to add a bit of fill to the tree. Thanks to him and Tony for this shot. What struck me was how good the Phase captured the colours in the sky. It is pretty cheezy I know, but the sunset was just too spectacular not to shoot. Would it hang on a wall, I guess it might. On my wall, don’t know. Still a 40″ x 60″ flex on aluminium would look insane. The tree was sharp as bro!

Phase One, P65+, 45mm Phase lens, 645 DF Body.

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On the Set of “Trigger” with Nikon & the 1D MkIV

11 Jan 2010 at 6:49am

On Saturday night Michael the video guy, Tony “Tone” Hewitt world famous art photographer, Benny “Benno” Walton from Team Digital and I were on the set of Trigger at the old Swanbourne Hospital site. You may have seen it in the paper last week. The boys were shooting the piano scene of the movie complete with about 200 extras all dressed up to make it look authentic. It was a long but fun night and we all got some APPA gold.

Between us we had 4 Nikons and 3 Canons to shoot with and just about every lens on the planet. What was interesting was the video comparison between the 5d2, the new 1D mark IV, and the D3s. As expected the Nikon handled the low light hi iso better in video mode but it still wasn’t brilliant. What was really surprising was the similarity of the 5D and the Mark IV in video mode. We couldn’t see any real advantages in iso performance with the 1D Mark IV. Now once again it wasn’t a clinical test and if we were making a cure for cancer no one would believe our results. Still it looked pretty damned convincing. Don’t buy the mark IV thinking it will see in the dark in video mode. Canon if you have any thoughts on this and if there are any work arounds that we may not have known we would love to hear about them. I think the only dumb thing we did all night is not try to shoot some stills with the 1D, that was probably because Michael was hogging it. Michael got some awesome video of the filming so I’m sure that will be on the blog soon. The guys making the movie were pretty happy with the 1D but didn’t want to use it as the footage from it looked better than the 7D and they wanted to keep everything looking the same. The D3s isn’t quiet there yet with video but as a stills beast WOW. Tony, Ben and I spent the whole night hand holding the cameras with some crazy Nikon lenses. My fav by far is the 70-200 and the shot above was taken with it. 3200 iso no less and with the awesome auto focus and VR, it creamed it in.

In between takes we decided to venture into the depths of hell. That is one spooky place, I think Tony had to duck out to change his undies on more than one occasion. I don’t get scared easily but had the forethought to wear a nappy so I didn’t get to miss out on any good light.
We did a pretty rough job of a “Brent Pearson” but it was great fun. Thanks to the boys for flashing the torches around.
Speaking of Torches, I got the best one from Grant Lauterbach at Alberts Car Stereo in Morley. Give him a call as he will get you one cheap. It is an amazing light and most of this scene was lit with it. In fact it is so bright it only needed a second on each part of the wall. Grants number is 9276 5678, let him know I sent you and he will sell you one cheap.

So to sum up the night, don’t go night shooting if your scared of the dark.

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Video from Brent Pearson of Our Shoot

27 Jun 2009 at 7:36am

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/5344068] This is a video Brent knocked up of our trip to Canyon X etc. This is a pretty good effort since he is sitting editing the video with two drips in his arms. He has had a bad bug for a while and it has flared up recently. Poor bloke has to fly to America tomorrow, not something I would be looking forward to if I was crook! Then he isn’t scared of heights and big waves so no little bug is going to stop him. Cheers mate for the video and enjoy the states.
On another note I managed a silver, two silver with distinctions and a gold for my entries to this years APPA awards. I was blown away when the call came from Tommy Putt saying I was a bastard, not only that, I got my first iphone today. Man that Apple shop in Sydney is very cool.

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Jurassic Park

24 Jun 2009 at 11:00am

jurrasic This is from tonight at a place Brent calls Jurassic Park.
Again it is a scramble across slippery wet rock before getting washed to your death by the heavy swell that was running. Good fun, I think!!! Still trying to find some new boxer shorts after some impressive set waves got a little too close. Had my shoes soaked 4 times today from not looking at the ocean carefully enough. This is a dangerous game taking photos, and that is just from the harsh blog posts when the horizons aren’t straight. Thanks to Brent for light painting these rocks for us (his mate Tim joined us) To say I got a bit of sledging for being a WA shooter was an understatement. Yes I know I have a spelling mistake in the title!!!

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Sunny Sydney

23 Jun 2009 at 12:15pm

I am in Sydney for PMA and for some shooting of the amazing seascape locations they have over here. Brent Pearson is taking me to Canyon X tomorrow, the super secret spot only a few get to see. Can’t wait. Other highlights will be the Apple superstore in the City on Friday and a trip to Ken Duncans gallery in Erina. Matty Lauder and I will go any have a KD Latte in the cafe. Will give the latte a master chef style critique. Had an awesome sunny day here and managed to soak my boots at the Mona Vale baths when the sea suddenly decided to over fill the pool. Great fun! Pics to come soon.

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Brent Pearsons Night Photography eBook

4 Apr 2009 at 2:29pm

shapeimage_2 Hi all, I have just bought Brents book on Night photography and Light Painting and I would have to say it is a must if your thinking of extending your shooting hours to after dark. He tells it all, how he does it, what he uses and explains everything so we can all understand what can be a complex subject (if you want to do it right) Check out his blog, the link is in my sidebar. Those of you coming to the Karijini workshop next April will have the pleasure of meeting Brent as he is coming along too. Make sure you get the book so we can all get out and do some night stuff and not have to bother him with questions about what we should be doing. Cheers

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