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Bunker Bay Workshop

20 Jan 2011 at 8:22pm

Nick Rains and I completed another really successful two day workshop last weekend at Bunker Bay. We have another one this weekend that will be as good if not better. For the first time ever we have two celebrities on the workshop Muzz and Merv. Should be interesting having the boys sit together. M&M!!!

Last weekend went well with the 15 participants all getting their heads stuffed with information. When Nick talks about bit depth and colour management you can see the pennies dropping. We ended up on Sunday arvo with a group photoshop session. 17 people all working the same image. It worked really well as it was a complex image to edit.

We had lots of laughs and met some great people. Thanks everyone for making it special.

Here is some of what people had to say.

Christian and Nick,
Guy’s thank you both for a magnificent weekend of Learning! My head is still spinning from all the great tips and techniques not only in the class room but also out on location.
Not only did we all learn from the “Dynamic Duo” but also from all the other guys on the work shop who all have the same passion for photography.
Great work guys I would recommend this work shop to any one in a second.


Hiya Christian and Nick

I just wanted to drop you both a quick note to say thanks for the grouse Bunker Bay workshop last weekend.

You successfully provided a high and entertaining level of theoretical learning in the seminar room and practical learning out and about shooting in 3 sessions around  Cape Naturaliste. Having such landscape experts right alongside you giving “one on one” instructions and tips was invaluable. Adding to the value for we participants was the number of quirky camera and Photoshop techniques detailed which will enable us to significantly raise the quality of our end products, be they print, web or screen. The informal atmosphere throughout only added to the overall experience.

I can strongly recommend the workshops to any photographer – be they beginner, intermediate or expert – who wants to take their skills to the next level, or even two. Of course to get the best venue in Australia for shooting, they will need to come to the Bunker Bay ones……..


Rob McDonald

Hi Christian and Nick

I would like to thank you both very much for your fantastic workshop on the weekend. You guys must be knackered because I sure was!! I really appreciated your patience while I was fumbling a bit there, and felt bad about alerting you. Thanks so much for that. Those two days were just such an eye opener for me Christian, in all respects. Amazing really I thought knew something about photography, but I came away knowing a hell of a lot more that I did prior to doing the workshop.

I look forward to seeing you guys again sometime and I wish you well with this great work you do.
Best regards and thanks once again
Chris Burton

” Attending Christian Fletcher’s and Nick Rains’ seminars is an eye opening experience. Having direct access to two of Australia’s, and arguably the World’s leading landscape photographers is invaluable. I was amazed at how open and engaged both Christian and Nick were, with no subject being off limits. Everyone’s questions were answered and “secret” tips and techniques shared without hesitation. The seminar had the perfect mix between theory and hands on practise (both photography and post production). I will be singing their praises to anyone who will listen – this is a must do for any landscape photographer (and any photographer for that matter) that wants their images to have that magic touch.”


Tom Gregorczyk

here are some photos of the weekend courtesy of Nick and his little Leica compact.

If you want to get on one of our workshops and we have one in every state, go to www.nickrains.com

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Bunker Bay Workshop 22nd to 23rd of January 2011

7 Sep 2010 at 11:55am


Nick Rains and I are doing it again, Bunker Bay 2011.

There are  only 9 spots left for the 22nd and 23rd of January 2011 to be held at the Bunker Bay Resort and it hasn’t been advertised yet. This workshop has been very popular and last January this filled very quickly. The cost is $995 for the two days. Doesn’t include Accommodation but includes morning and afternoon teas and lunch. We will have your photography to a professional standard by the end of the weekend. Hands on shooting and photoshop techniques will be the order of the day with advanced colour management techniques and printing.

We will have an Epson 3880 printer with us and will print out images we have shot over the weekend. There will be 3 or 4 shoots as well as the classroom workshops all in the luxury of the Bunker Bay Resort. A special rate for staying at he resort is available for those who don’t want to have to drive in from Dunsborough or elsewhere. Bookings can be made with the resort just mention you are on our workshop.

Nick will show you the subtleties of RAW conversion, how to master Lightroom or Camera Raw and get the perfect file every time. What this guy doesn’t know about photography and post production isn’t worth teaching.

I will be “butchering pixels”, in a good way, to show you how to get that WOW light in your images, the software I use and how I use it. You could say we have it covered what ever your style, clean and pristine or full on Glitz and glamour! If you like what Nick and I do we will teach you.

To book got to Nicks Website . Get in quick for this one.

Comments from recent Bunker Bay Workshop :

“Rated individually both Nick Rains and Christian Fletcher are easily placed amongst the top six landscape photographers worldwide with immensely successful careers, and a magical ability to pre-visualise and turn the most ordinary of scenes into beautiful works of photographic art.

Now working together as a team enlightening, enthusing and empowering the next generation of photographers these two guys offer what is arguably the most comprehensive and valuable of learning experiences currently available worldwide.

From capture to process to print these two good-humoured wizards have undoubtedly now influenced my career and enabled me to take my own photography to a higher level that I’d long aspired towards but struggled to attain.

Thanks Guys!”


South Africa

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Bunker Bay workshop

1 Feb 2010 at 1:30pm

Well the Bunker Bay workshop went of really well last weekend with all of us having such a great time. The people who came along to learn some new tricks with the camera and computer were very kind to us and when ever it got too technical I handed over to the only guy I know who almost knows as much as the great Les Walkling, Rainsy !! Nick blew all our minds with his knowledge on Lightroom and the intricacies of colour management. I followed with my signature Luminosity Masks and got labelled the short cut king by Nick. We worked really well together I think and complimented each others workflow and style.

The students were fantastic and a great bunch of people to get to know. Remember if your still having some issues let Nick and I know and we will help you out. Due to the success of this workshop we will be running more together in the coming year so keep an eye on the blog. If you want to get on my mailing list let me know, this workshop filled up fast and we expect it will do so again for the next one.

Thanks to Denis for supplying the photos for this blog post, really appreciate you sending to me.


p.s. the top photo I was telling Nick who was looking a lot like Eminem that you only get ONE SHOT and the bottom pic Nick was demonstrating how big the files from the P65 really are!! Then they all got me painting trees for about an hour, that was fun!

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