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Throne fit for a King

4 Oct 2009 at 12:38am


This was taken in an old hotel in New Norcia. We stopped there for breakfast and I had a sniff around and just loved this scene. It was a bloody good breakfast too. The old hotel was quite spooky and you would have to think haunted. The light was stylized using curves.
Ok it isn’t wildflowers but they will be coming.

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What do you do when the light is average?

8 Sep 2009 at 9:55am


mangrove leaves


Shoot in Black and White and point the camera towards the ground. We have been out in some awesome landscapes but if the light isn’t doing it, it can still be hard getting a great shot. Still it is always possible to get a photos of something. Saw some great rock art today and tomorrow we hit King George falls. Did I mention I caught my first Barra yesterday. The one I lost was close to the magic 1 meter mark, that thing was a beast, glad it got off though, would have been a shame to kill something so awesome.
The trip will be ending soon, I think I might leave with a tear in my eye. The crew are amazing and work so hard, we don’t do Jack!!! In fact if you asked nicely they might even wipe your bum for you so you absolutely don’t have to do anything.!!!
Had a heli picknick at Eagle Falls today, wooooowww, it was the best.

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Hello from True North

4 Sep 2009 at 12:49am

ruby falls

montgomery patterns

eagle creek

It is just under half way on my trip on True North and the weather is just getting better. Last night we did a group shot lit only by the moonlight. It was pretty good fun as there were probably 50 people on the front of the boat all trying to be still after a couple of hours of serious drinking. Will post the shot later. This trip is a dream, if you have the chance of doing it don’t let that chance go by. Five of the people doing this trip have now booked to do PNG with me next year for more photo fun.

As a side note my post about the new Nikon cameras coming out got put on a Nikon rumours forum, the result over 11,000 hits on the blog in one day. Now that is some serious numbers, you hearing this Canon???

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Raft Point and more

3 Sep 2009 at 7:30am

raft point 2

raft point


Hi all, well the trip is getting better and better and to think I still have over a week left to go. Yesterday we had two heli flights, one for the sunrise to the top of the mountain at Raft Point and the other over Montgomery reef. The landscape is big epic and Australian, so I love it. True North is a dream come true for photographers, I have never experienced a trip like this before and probably wont again, well till he next trip on this amazing floating hotel. Time to start saving for the PNG trip next year. Markie has been going hard, trying to keep up with him but the guy is a machine. Today he was showing off his swan dive at Kings Cascades!! Will talk more about the trip when we get more internet time. Hope the weather is good back home 🙂

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A Bridge Too Far

19 Aug 2009 at 5:59am

melb bridge

I loved this bridge, it is so bold and typical of the cool things they do in Melbourne. Who is running our city, and why is it so plain??? The morning was cold and foggy and I had two dodgy characters checking me out as I took this pic. Made me realize I was in a big city, in a dodgy area and that I was probably stupid for wandering around. This is gang heartland after all, underbelly style!! Luckily it was too cold to hang around for too long so I jumped back in my awesome Hyundi Getz hire car and zoomed off. I’m into white skys at the moment. Something about the simplicity and cleanness, a bit like Tommy P’s mind!!!

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Melbourne on a Clear day

18 Aug 2009 at 8:49am


Had some fantastic weather in Melbourne on the day of the Jetstar photo comp judging. I managed some time in the arvo to walk around the city with the trusty 5D2. Some cool stuff in this city. More interesting than Perth. Lots of great architecture and sculptures, not to mention cool buildings like these. I was lucky enough to get some fluffy clouds to liven up the skys. Love walk arounds like this. Almost as much as shooting from the car window. Not a tripod in sight, no camera bag, just me, the camera and a donut!!! Ok there wasn’t a donut, but thinking back now I wish there was!!

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I love Junk

11 Aug 2009 at 5:00am

fuel drums

Forget the pretty landscapes I love this sort of stuff. Ok you wouldn’t hang it on your wall but imagine it in a book in 100 years time. It would be a great record of the times. On the other hand if we stuff the world and go back to the horse and cart this might look modern!! Hopefully people will look at the fuel drums and think wow they use oil back then.

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Narrabeen Tutorial coming soon

13 Jul 2009 at 12:54pm

narrabeen baths Got this image from a daylight shot at Narrabeen Baths, tell me I spelt it right this time. The video will show you how to get that APPA look favored by the judges, also known as the TNFP look. Would have been uploaded but I left my headphones at work, bummer. Still I have to try and work out how to upload them yet!!

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