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Fancy a trip to Antarctica ?

2 Jul 2013 at 11:44am

Fancy a trip to Antarctica ?



It is official, I will be one of the instructors on the 2015 Luminous Landscapes expedition to Antarctica. I will be on both the first and second expeditions. I am so excited, it will be an amazing adventure. Other instructors include our own Jackie Ranken, Art Wolfe, Charlie Cramer, Joe Cornish, Katrin Eiseman and Kevin Raber.

So who’s coming????

Here is the link to all the information on the Luminous Landscapes website


You can sign up there and in the referral section make sure you put Christian Fletcher. I get extra beer rations if you do and naturally I will share it around!


The greatest thing about this trip is we fly right into Antarctica itself. No crossing the Drake Passage. We have our own BAe 146 to cruise in style. Once there we get straight on the boat and we are into it. No rough seas for this sailor I tell you!!!

So what are you waiting for? Book it now before you find you are just sitting at home looking at the images you could have taken that we all got!!!


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