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Weekly podcast

12 Jan 2020 at 8:47am

Weekly podcast

Do you know that I, along Carwyn Church, have a weekly podcast?  It’s called Light Minded.  We talk all things photography and interview photographers around the world.  Today, we start our 2020 podcast series with photographers specialising in aerials.

Here is a link to our latest podcast  – https://www.buzzsprout.com/327884/2435609-mieke-boynton-drops-into-lightminded-and-we-discover-her-very-loose-connection-with-cool-runnings?fbclid=IwAR27W4FRsASkGz52nziQR1NVEV0DSFvTFfQksMo1gZbpNzpatYw_OVRZwuc

Visit our Instagram page for more information – https://www.instagram.com/light_minded_podcast/

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International Landscape Photographer of the Year

2 Sep 2014 at 10:19am

International Landscape Photographer of the Year


We are very pleased to announce the winner of the inaugural International Landscape Photographer of the Year is Christian Fletcher of Western Australia!

Christian says, ‘I was pleasantly shocked to be announced the International Landscape Photographer of the year. When the call came in that I had won, I was thinking it was a prank. Looking at the top 101 images I was blown away by the quality and depth of the work. ‘My aim was to produce striking images from the air that had an industrial theme. I am concerned about the path we are heading down. By showing what is beyond the view of most of the public, I hoped to create a conversation about why we are heading down that path and if it is necessary. Of course it is a vey complicated subject and not one tackled lightly. As a photographer I feel it is my duty to capture the world we live in, be it pristine wilderness or industrial oblivion. Both are inspiring in a photographic sense but only one is sustainable. I choose the wilderness any day!’ And we’d just like to mention that it was our esteemed international judges who were responsible for the decision to award the overall folio prize to Christian, not his ND5 colleagues.  Peter Eastway

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Update on “Light”

19 Jun 2013 at 11:10am

Update on “Light”

book cover for light web version

Christian has just retuned from Scott Print in Perth.  Printing will commence on Monday and will take (3) Three days, then off to the binders.  We are hoping “Light” will be on our shelves within the next few weeks.

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Team Digital Specials

11 Apr 2010 at 7:16pm

Hi everyone, just reminding you of the Phase One night that is happening at Team Digital on Wednesday. I’ll be there with some prints from the beast. Would be good to catch up for a chat and to hear all about the best gear on the planet. Not from me but from the experts. Also Benny has some cool deals on stuff at the moment so if you need to spend some money, and hey, in this game thats what we always seem to do , check out the info below.

Thanks for being part of Team Digitals Fotofreo Printer week. We hope you got a lot out of the seminars or workshop you attended, If you have anyfeed back re the seminars/workshop could please forward them to Ben at ben@teamdigital.com.au we would love to hear what you thought.

We mentioned over the course of the week that we would be having some great promotions running in April. Well we,ve just finished putting all these together now. So if you are anything to do inkjet printing we have something for you. Check out the links below for full details

EIZO monitors 10% off selected models
Epson Printers Some great prices on Epson Printers with Epson Plus ( Exclusive to Team Digital )
Premier Art Canvas and Coatings specials
Canson 20% off and some great trial kits

Happy printing

Team Digital
“Technology to capture, create and communicate”
268 Lord Street, Perth W.A 6000
Ph:  +618 9328 3377
Fax: +618 9227 7137

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True North Rottnest Workshop 2011

16 Mar 2010 at 8:12pm

Well the team at True North have put together an amazing workshop for next Australia day and beyond. Have a look at the TRUE NORTH WEBSITE to get a feel for what is going to happen.

What I can also tell you is Nick Rains, Tony Hewitt and myself will be back to run a full three day workshop on the boat.

The 3 day workshop will include

Taking photographs – Composition, capture, camera settings, light

Post Production – RAW image conversion, photoshop techniques, other software used for specific results, sharpening and output to web and printers.

Colour Management – setting up monitors, profiling devices, icc profiles

Printing – colour managed workflow to obtain the best prints possible

Each of the three tutors will be available for one on one tuition as well as running at least 2 workshops each per day on the above topics and more such as

Pre-visualisation, creation, photographic themes, styles and inspiration

Now is the time to book your place as this is going to be very popular. Where else can you get to learn photography in luxury at one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Prices include the workshop and the usual True North luxury

Explorer Class Cabin:               4499 pp

River Class Cabin:                     3999 pp

Ocean Class Cabin:                   3499 pp

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Storm over the Pilbara

13 Feb 2010 at 2:02pm

Storm Cloud

This was an amazing storm we witnessed. I have never seen so many photographers fully amped over a shoot as this, it was like a date with Jennifer Hawkins, only much better. Pete Eastway was shooting with the Phase One, Les Walkling the Hasselblad. I was on the trusty Nikon D3x as was Tony Hewitt. Michael has a video of this storm and it will be shown when he gets the video finished.

I handheld the Nikon with the 14-24, stitched three pics together and this is the result.

Peter Eastway has this same scene on his Better Photography blog, check it out.

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Rocky Point, Eagle Bay

20 Jan 2010 at 8:01am

Taken a few days ago after I managed to drag myself away from the gallery to get some new landscape images. This scene is a short walk from Eagle Bay and on the right day you get some pretty cool waves there. Still with the recent sightings of a great white and two hammerheads 200 metres off shore it is better to just imagine what the water would be like.

I wonder if the guy on the yacht is happy………………………. probably a big YES!!! Hell the rest of us were working. Even me!! This was a hard shot to take as the flies kept getting in the way. Forget dust spots on the ccd, I was spotting flies!! It was also hot, oh I wish I had a 9 to 5 office job, anyone want to swap???
Hmmm air-conditioning, fluro lights, bosses, bad tea, annoying co-workers, peak hour traffic, thats the life for me.

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Update on True North Rotto Workshop

20 Jan 2010 at 4:57am

Well the True North Rotto experience is only around the corner, I can’t wait to get back on the boat and experience the fun and excitement I had when cruising the Kimberley in August last year.

Our mates at TEAM DIGITAL have managed to put together some pretty cool stuff and some extra special deals for the day. Check it out-

Nikon will be supplying 110 bag ( for a Showbag )
110 x NIKS software trail discs
1 NIKs Full suite to give away. Value $ 765.00
2 x 3880 printers which can be sold on the day I think that will be at around $ 1650.00 inc which is great value.
These units will be new commissioned on the day to run a few prints through and then sold to who ever gets in first on the day.
We have a Manfrotto tripod to giveaway as well. 055/322 rrp $ 550/600
Canson will have some sample packs as give aways not sure how many yet.
Hoping to have a top of the range Epson projector to use and display.
We will be bringing a selection of Manfrotto and Gitzo tripods which again will be discounted on the day. We will also have an ongoing discount for the month of Feb on Manfrotto, Gitzo Hoya and Pelican . There will be a flyer with those promo prices on.
We will also be bringing our hire equipment
Possibly our Canon 300mm yes include the 300mm
Which people can book for short periods to try out.
We may have a deal from Spyder as well working on that.

As you can see you will be getting great value for your entrance fee and we are expecting some great deals and savings from Fitzgeralds also. Stay tuned for that.

Everyone coming on the day will go into the draw to win one of these amazing prizes, good luck!

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On the Set of “Trigger” with Nikon & the 1D MkIV

11 Jan 2010 at 6:49am

On Saturday night Michael the video guy, Tony “Tone” Hewitt world famous art photographer, Benny “Benno” Walton from Team Digital and I were on the set of Trigger at the old Swanbourne Hospital site. You may have seen it in the paper last week. The boys were shooting the piano scene of the movie complete with about 200 extras all dressed up to make it look authentic. It was a long but fun night and we all got some APPA gold.

Between us we had 4 Nikons and 3 Canons to shoot with and just about every lens on the planet. What was interesting was the video comparison between the 5d2, the new 1D mark IV, and the D3s. As expected the Nikon handled the low light hi iso better in video mode but it still wasn’t brilliant. What was really surprising was the similarity of the 5D and the Mark IV in video mode. We couldn’t see any real advantages in iso performance with the 1D Mark IV. Now once again it wasn’t a clinical test and if we were making a cure for cancer no one would believe our results. Still it looked pretty damned convincing. Don’t buy the mark IV thinking it will see in the dark in video mode. Canon if you have any thoughts on this and if there are any work arounds that we may not have known we would love to hear about them. I think the only dumb thing we did all night is not try to shoot some stills with the 1D, that was probably because Michael was hogging it. Michael got some awesome video of the filming so I’m sure that will be on the blog soon. The guys making the movie were pretty happy with the 1D but didn’t want to use it as the footage from it looked better than the 7D and they wanted to keep everything looking the same. The D3s isn’t quiet there yet with video but as a stills beast WOW. Tony, Ben and I spent the whole night hand holding the cameras with some crazy Nikon lenses. My fav by far is the 70-200 and the shot above was taken with it. 3200 iso no less and with the awesome auto focus and VR, it creamed it in.

In between takes we decided to venture into the depths of hell. That is one spooky place, I think Tony had to duck out to change his undies on more than one occasion. I don’t get scared easily but had the forethought to wear a nappy so I didn’t get to miss out on any good light.
We did a pretty rough job of a “Brent Pearson” but it was great fun. Thanks to the boys for flashing the torches around.
Speaking of Torches, I got the best one from Grant Lauterbach at Alberts Car Stereo in Morley. Give him a call as he will get you one cheap. It is an amazing light and most of this scene was lit with it. In fact it is so bright it only needed a second on each part of the wall. Grants number is 9276 5678, let him know I sent you and he will sell you one cheap.

So to sum up the night, don’t go night shooting if your scared of the dark.

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