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Cog @ the Big Day Out

2 Feb 2009 at 1:28pm

cog-comp  Here are a few pics of my favourite Aussie band Cog. I managed to negotiate the 40,000 smelly teenagers to get these pics. I tell ya I’m getting old. I have forgotten what it is to be a young buck trying to impress the girls. All I try to do these days is impress you photo geeks. It was stinking hot and way too crowded for my liking. Give me a lonely beach and a killer sunset any day. Oh Christian you old fart!!! p.s. check out COG Here They have a good message behind those nasty guitar riffs. There is nothing I like better to get me inspired to murder some pixels!! Watch out other photographers if you get in my shot!!! 🙁 All shot handheld with the 400mm at iso 800 from memory. Oh and the 5D mark II of course.

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