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“Down South” My New Book

12 Aug 2014 at 3:25pm

“Down South” My New Book



I had a meeting with Mike Scott from Scott Print in Perth http://www.scott.com.au to discuss the printing of my upcoming new book “Down South”.

Scott’s have just installed their printers and they use the very latest green technology.
Not only can they print my book on recycled or plantation sourced paper every aspect of the printing process is green from the electricity to the handling of any waste.
Being Australian made and environmentally sustainable is very important to me.

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More from Wyadup Rocks

23 Feb 2009 at 4:29am

wyadup-rocks-3 Another from that spectacular sunset the other weekend. It’s all about the light, don’t bother trying to make it up in photoshop, light like this is pretty hard to replicate. Taken with the 5D 2 as per usual. I don’t use my pano head anymore, in fact I have sold it. Wish I had saved myself the money. I didn’t know that I could get away with stitching without one though. Hope you like!

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