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Save the Kimberley Concert

25 Feb 2013 at 12:07pm

Save the Kimberley Concert


Yesterday was an amazing day. Not just for the three excellent bands but because so many of you turned out to oppose the gas plant at James Price Point. It was an unbelievable sight.

The day started with a press conference with the musicians and representatives from the environmental groups. They all had their turn to talk about what was important to them. It was great to see. We were lucky to get all access passes to cover the event however we wanted. I have to say watching a concert from the stage is a great experience, I am spoilt now, will have to try and get these gigs all the time.

First off was Ball Park Music, they were fantastic, then Missy Higgins who is an unbelievable talent and finished up with John Butler who just went off. You could see how proud he was of the day and the turnout.

The speakers were fantastic, all of them. Bob Brown delivered a speech that would have had Colin Barnett shaking in his boots. Spoken with such passion and bringing in to focus what exactly is at stake for the Kimberley if we don’t make a stand.

Between acts the musicians lead a march through the streets of Fremantle. I was up high in a building overlooking South Terrace. There were so many people the line went past me for about half an hour. I was staggered by just how many people were there.

Yesterday I felt the fight was won, there was so much good feeling and positive energy, no I am not trying to sound like a hippie! There is only one person we need to convince that it is a bad idea and that is our illustrious leader Mr Barnett. Hope he was watching the news last night. I might have to send him this photo so he knows he is on borrowed time!

As we are all saying, take the gas, make the jobs, just don’t destroy the Kimberley to do it.


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John Butler Facebook Page

27 Jan 2011 at 9:43am

went riding with John Butlers Manager the other week, yes that is right we are both M.A.M.I.L’s (middle aged men in lycra). A really nice bloke and we got talking about James Price Point. As you would probably know JB is right behind saving the Kimberley so I thought I would send him some photos to use for any purpose regarding JPP. Philip posted them on JB’s facebook page. Awesome, would love to meet him one day, good to see people willing to put their names behind such important issues. You can check it out here http://www.facebook.com/JohnButlerTrio?v=wall and add your own comment.

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