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Pearce Airshow

21 May 2012 at 9:06am

Last weekend was the Pearce airshow so I drove up to join Michael and his boy along with Markie Stothard.

I wanted to try and shoot something other than the planes and made a tast of just using one camera and one lens. I took my Fuji X-pro1 with the 60mm lens and that was it. No tripod nothing. It was great fun trying to see something other than the obvious. I have a bunch of shots I like so will post them up as I can.

This one interested me with the backlighting and the large insignia of the US Airforce aircraft looming powerfully above the people. The orange flags showing us the direction we are to be herded ¬†and forming a barrier between us and any control we think we have of our lives. Phew all that from a photo, I’m so deep!

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