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Karijini Students Photos

16 Jul 2010 at 9:45am

Hi all. Peter Eastway kindly offered everyone who attended our Workshop in Karijini a free subscription to Better Photography Magazine plus some images in the next edition due out in September. The three of us were blown away by the photos everyone got and we just put that down to our good teaching techniques. This is a grab of what will be going in the magazine early September. If you were on the workshop just check everything is right, spelling of your names etc and that your happy to go with it. Any complaints can be made to Peter Eastway between midnight and 5am!!

Now due to the success of the Karijini workshop Peter, Tony and myself are going to do it again late March 2011. I am taking names of those who will be interested in coming. Get in quick the last one was full in 3days.

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Follow up from Nick Melidonis

17 May 2010 at 9:03am

Hi Christian

Thanks for your kind wishes and for keeping people informed about me.

The Greek tour finally got away and reports are that all is well and the
group is having a great time over there. I’d kill to be able to chew a
souvlaki at the moment

On June 14th , I undergo surgery again to remove the wiring in my jaw and
soon after I’ll get some temporary teeth leading to some more permanent
implants down the track. I’m very lucky to be alive; I’m in great spirits
and look forward to the future.
Below is a paragraph I posted on my ‘What’s New’ page on my website with
some photos from Cliff Winfield of the Karijini rescue

If you are down this way, pop in for a visit, I’d love to catch up

Warm regards

Nick Recovering Well from Karijini Accident

Nick had an unfortunate accident on Thurs 2nd May in Karrijini. While
descending to the bottom of Knox gorge with friend Cliff Winfield (ex
Regional Manager for the Pilbara), he lost his footing and fell 5 metres
face first of some hard ironstone. This fact probably saved his life as he
avoided skull and brain damage (face acted as a crumple zone for the brain)
and miraculously didn’t suffer any spinal or limb damage either. He broke
his jaw in 5 places, broke his nose and lost most of his teeth. It took the
SES and volunteers 6 hours to get him to the top of the gorge  and after a
few more adventures, he was flown by Royal Flying Doctor to Perth and was
operated on immediately. He is now back at home for the long recovery
process and the reconstruction of his mouth.
Nick is in great spirits and healing well and was overwhelmed by the
hundreds of ‘get well’ emails and messages that flooded in from all over
Australia and overseas. In particular, he would like to thank the many
generous helpers who cared and comforted him at the bottom of the gorge and
helped the SES to carry the stretcher for a couple of hours. His partner,
Carol, has been at his side as soon as he arrived in Perth and has been
tireless in her quest to keep people informed and looking after a very
grateful Nick.
Thanks again to all the people who have sent their concerns and warm wishes
to Nick and he will get around to responding to the emails in due course.
Cliff Winfield took some images of the rescue, (attached)

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Photographer hurt at Karijini

4 May 2010 at 9:43am

Some people have been asking if it was one of the photographers on the workshop that was hurt at Karijini. It wasn’t but it was award winning photographer Nick Melidonis. I don’t know the full details but it sounded like a nasty fall. Our thoughts are with him and his family. A lot of you might know Nick, his work is superb. Hoping he makes a speedy recovery. Karijini claims a few people every year and if you have been there you will know why. It is so easy to come unstuck, especially carrying the gear into the gorges. Still it is photographic heaven and somewhere not to be missed.

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Fire swept Karijini

29 Apr 2010 at 7:12pm

Karijini National Park

Karijini had some massive fires recently and lots of the park was laid bare. That offered up some amazing landscape opportunities and we were all frothing over the red rocks and exposed hillsides. This is just near the carpark to Weano and Hancock gorges. Every day we had awesome skies, in fact the conditions are some of the best I have ever seen at Karijini.

Shot on the Phase One, P65+ back, 80mm Schneider Lens and the 645DF Phase body. Focus stacked, this image is sweeeeeet!

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Back from Karijini

28 Apr 2010 at 6:55pm

Oxers Lookout, Karijini

I got back from Karijini today after a marathon 17 hour drive back to Perth. The workshop was huge and great fun. We went hard and learnt lots. Plenty of fun was had by all and Tony, Peter and myself were blown away by the quality of the images captured over the 4 days.

To everyone who came along, thank you for being great pupils. It was hot and challenging at times but such is the life of a landscape photographer. I will add more photos as I get some worked and elaborate on the workshop more in the coming week. Make sure you check out the other photographers blogs to see their amazing photos. Thanks again fellas.

p.s. Keith can I get a pic of Mark Stothard being operated on by Pete the doctor for the blog, everyone likes to see blood.

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Oxer Lookout, Karijini

30 Apr 2009 at 1:05pm

oxerFinally something to post that is a little more interesting. Taken on my last trip to Karijini. We are looking for interest in a second date for a Karijini workshop with me, Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt. Let me know if you want to come along. Will be after the first one that is being held on the 23rd of April.

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Karijini Workshop 2010 Full

6 Apr 2009 at 4:28am

kj304d-copy The first Karijini workshop has filled in record time such is the popularity of this trip. I would have to say it is going to be the ultimate Landscape workshop on the planet. Due to the overwhelming interest we might be putting on a second date. Send me an email with expression of interest and we will let you know of any future plans. Get in quick, this information will be going out to the rest of the country soon via Pete’s and Tony’s websites. We are expecting similar interest from our Eastern State cousins!!

This photo is of Mark Stothard deep in the gorges and loving it!! Don’t forget to read his testimonial on my previous post.

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Karijini Magic

30 Mar 2009 at 8:50am

kazzas-3 Got some exciting news about Karijini for next year that is going to be big and not to be missed. Will tell all soon. This is a pic from Handrail pool in Weano Gorge, Karijini. A great spot if your there at the right time of day and year for that matter. I have it all worked out after 6 or 7 trips to this spot.

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Karijini Video from Michael

18 Mar 2009 at 1:18am

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/3712054] This is the latest video from Michael of our trip to Karijini last week. This is such a great place and watching the video makes me want to go back into the gorges. Mark is the other mug in the shots, a couple of good looking lads, what do you reckon!!! Give that Tom Putt a run for his money!

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Karijini Dreaming

17 Mar 2009 at 5:27am

karijini-pic Ok it is a bit of a swipe at Flemmings Hawk Dreaming but it just seemed to work so nicely. This is a pic of my mate Mark taking pics at Oxer lookout where all the gorges meet. A great place to wear shoes with grip. Mark had his thongs on so he was safe!!!! I love this place and have to thank Mark for adding scale to my shot. Now if only he was wearing a bikini………………..and yes was a blonde………………….all right, female too!! 🙂

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