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Please sign the petition on James Price Point

8 Sep 2010 at 8:10pm

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/6639576]


The more we can get to sign this the better the chance we have of making the Kimberley industry free. There are better places for this gas plant. Let the premier know.

Send this link to all your friends who care about stopping the government from doing whatever it wants. Today the Kimberley, tomorrow the southwest. Hope they don’t find oil and gas under your patch of soil.

I want all you young people to sign too, get your noses out of Facebook for five minutes and think about what sort of future you want. My generation have had it good and we have not treated your inheritance that well. Make sure you don’t make the mistakes we made and help bring about change. You are the ones who will make or break our planet. Please don’t leave it up to the old, don’t give a shit I’ll be dead before there is a problem politicians that only see money and power as their goal. Sorry, was I just talking about Barnett. Let’s get the message out that this is important, we HAVE TO CHANGE OUR WAYS. Don’t leave it up to a handful to do the work for you, do it yourself and think about how else you can help. We need a revolution a total shift from our current thinking. Let’s save the only thing that can keep us alive, our planet.

No I haven’t been drinking!

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