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14 Jul 2010 at 12:52pm

I’m on fire, I might have even posted more than Markie in the past two days. Now your asking why is it so? I’ll tell ya!

24 reasons actually, 24 lovely GB of RAM. I got the 8 core back from Team Digital on Monday and now this thing screams. I feel like I’m back processing 5D files again it is that quick. The best money I ever spent. Now I have a usable machine to push pixels around. And do you know what? Content Aware fill actually works now!!

Now to the image. Shot on a mine site in the Pilbara and stylised for the hell of it. Having fun is what it is all about, I guess I should go and do some work that might actually make me some money. This image was inspired by my mate and Grand Master photographer Tony Hewitt.

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